Yes I Am Pink First, the latest Cacharel perfume set


Yes I Am Pink First, the latest Cacharel perfume set
Yes I Am Pink First, the latest Cacharel perfume set

Yes I Am Pink First by Cacharel offers a rounded box

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s a perfect time to please one of the most important people in your life: your mom. Among the most popular gifts, perfume remains a must. This is why all the biggest luxury brands in France are taking the opportunity to present their most famous perfumes to us in original boxes. The Cacharel brand is no exception and has already made a brand new box to house its Yes I Am Pink First perfume . So, how does her tube-shaped bottle of lipstick look like this time around? What does this elegant packaging contain? We tell you everything!

Yes I Am Pink First, an absolute symbol of femininity

If the box you are looking for is intended for a femme fatale, sure of its assets of seduction, and endowed with a strong temperament, that of Yes I Am Pink First should perfectly do the trick! Indeed, it is an absolute symbol of femininity and assertiveness. Designed as a sign of emancipation, it is aimed at all the strong and charismatic women of our time. It encourages the wearer to write her own story and decide for herself what will be done the next day. Yes I Am Pink First is proudly displayed with its capital “I”, thinking above all of him and his personal pleasure. The choice of its bottle in the form of lipstick is also not trivial. After all, what better symbol than this to embody absolute femininity?

The floral and light scent of Yes I Am Pink First in a box

Yes I Am Pink First by Cacharel is of course the star of this new box set. Its scent remains unchanged and is much more aerial than that of the previous Yes I Am. This new juice is ideal for sunny days. He has a strong temper without ever becoming too heady. Yes I Am Pink First revolves essentially around a luminous orange blossom. It begins with a gourmet, fruity and tangy sensation of mandarin and raspberry. Very feminine, it is enriched with jasmine, gardenia and ginger flower. This last element gives it a more peppery and slightly aphrodisiac breath. Finally, Yes I Am Pink First ends with a soft and sensual base of wood and ambroxan.

The trompe-l’oeil box of Yes I Am Pink First

Here again, with its box set , the Cacharel house has decided to play the trompe-l’oeil card. Its new box takes the form of a glasses case. Entirely covered in black, her name is displayed on her in a flashy pink that one would think written by hand, using a stick of lipstick. Inside, Cacharel has slipped two perfectly matched elements: a 50 ml spray of Yes I Am Pink First perfume, as well as his body milk.

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