Valentino perfume Uomo Acqua


Valentino Uomo becomes Acqua and gains in lightness
Valentino Uomo becomes Acqua and gains in lightness

Valentino Uomo becomes Acqua and gains in lightness

Valentino Uomo is a perfume that smells of Italy. He lets a particularly manly scent of amber wood float behind him. However, this is associated with a dose of sugar perfectly dosed simply making you want to devour it. Valentino Uomo is a seducer who has never ceased to be talked about since its creation in 2014. However, lovers of freshness will be delighted to learn that it is now available in a more airy version. Valentino is currently presenting his latest creation: Valentino Uomo Acqua.

An already well-known silhouette of the house of Valentino

Before we even talk about the smell of the new Valentino UomoAcqua, let’s start by talking about her silhouette. Indeed, Valentino Uomo Acqua is a fragrance that is not intended to go unnoticed. What’s more, it has retained the shape of its predecessor, so you will have no trouble recognizing this new juice in your usual perfume department. The embodiment of Italian elegance, the bottle by Valentino Uomo Acqua seems to wear the suit with deep elegance. It is a vector of authenticity and seems to possess all the soul of the house of Valentino. Designed in thick glass, this container immediately exudes a sense of refinement and richness. Its faces are covered with an infinity of small prisms reminiscent of the freestone of Italian palaces. However, it remains very pleasant to the touch. A large metal ring then surrounds this bottle. This reveals the name of this perfume. The amber hues of yesteryear have nevertheless disappeared. Everything has given way to more silvery tones. The latter also help to give more modernity to the whole. Undoubtedly, Valentino Uomo Acqua has the soul of a seducer.

The new freshness of Valentino Uomo Acqua

In addition to its very elaborate bottle, it must be recognized that the house of Valentino has pushed good taste to its maximum in its recipe. This is very harmonious and balanced while offering us unexpected ingredients. Thus, the new man Valentino Uomo Acqua and the embodiment of daring not devoid of elegance. The fresh breath of Valentino Uomo Acqua begins with a citrus and sparkling scent of mandarin. However, it is accompanied by a new ingredient: tomato! This unusual vegetable in perfumery brings a certain indulgence here without plunging into excess sugar. Thus, it contributes to the balance and freshness of the whole. Then, Valentino Uomo Acqua switches to a more aromatic heart containing sage. Patchouli, meanwhile, comes to structure the whole. It gives more masculinity and character to this perfume. From then on, Valentino Uomo Acqua gradually asserts his sensuality. It ends with a leather base, which only reinforces its animal side. However, this does not detract from its elegance. Valentino Uomo Acqua sublimates its entire composition with a powdery and floral flavor of iris, one of the noblest ingredients in the perfume department.

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