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Tocade, the Parisian woman of Rochas


Tocade, the Parisian woman of Rochas
Tocade, the Parisian woman of Rochas

Tocade is a perfume with a very powdery base that pays homage to Mme Rochas herself. This one displays an exacerbated femininity and the strength of extreme gaiety. It is a perfume designed in the image of a Parisian. Its vanilla rose is then present to the overdose to intoxicate you with its extravagance.

Tocade, a radiant juice

Before talking about its smell, let’s take a moment to look at its bottle. Tocade’s case draws a feminine and mischievous amphora. This one is capped with a cap evoking a pointed hat placed on a luminous bubble. Vivid colors such as blue or red also enhance its appearance. Undeniably, Tocade is a fragrance synonymous with happiness and joie de vivre . It is a real ray of sunshine in everyday life. With him, a woman is never more beautiful than when she is happy. Tocade is a seducer who plays on his sensuality and frivolity.

The joyful scent imagined by Rochas

Tocade immediately displays its sparkling personality through the sweet presence of bergamot. This is then associated with a more velvety aspect of peach and apricot. A few green notes also complete this set. Then, Tocade’s femininity appears more openly. This is reflected in particular through a bouquet of lily of the valley, jasmine and magnolia. Likewise, the rose, the quintessential feminine flower, is indeed present. However, it is associated with the extravagance of nutmeg and the sensuality of vanilla. Finally, it all ends with a more intense trail composed of cedar, benzoin, musk, iris, amber and patchouli. It is then quite simply impossible to resist the laughing charm of this powdery Foriental perfume signed by the talented Maurice Roussel.

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