This is Him advertising by Zadig & Voltaire


This is Him advertising by Zadig & Voltaire
This is Him advertising by Zadig & Voltaire

The rebellious and nonchalant spirit of Zadig & Voltaire’s new This is Him

Just a few weeks ago, the Zadig & Voltaire brand created the event by organizing a particularly remarkable launch party. Imagine yourself: tattoo stands, karaoke entertainment, an electro house performance orchestrated by DJ The Avener… These were the means implemented on the occasion of the release of This is Him and This is Her , the two new scented juices from Zadig & Voltaire. More than ever, the latter seems to have relied on communication to make people talk about her. So, let’s take a closer look at the advertisement for the new men’s fragrance This is Him.

Sam Lammar, new Zadig & Voltaire muse

For the very first time, Zadig & Voltaire has gone to great lengths and wished to broadcast an advertising campaign directly on television. Also, even if the television spot has not yet been revealed, we already know that it is the model Sam Lammar who will have the heavy task of embodying the image of This is Him . This beautiful dark and nonchalant brunette will then be pictured alongside the sublime blonde, Joséphine Le Tutor. Both already promise to make more than one fantasize!

This is Him’s rock ‘n’ roll game of contrasts

Also, the first images of the advertising campaign for This is Him clearly announce the color. This juice is particularly rock ‘n’ roll and likes to play on contrasts. It is displayed in a black bottle while its female counterpart is entirely white. Her muse is a dark-haired man associated with a blonde woman. Thus, This is Him is fully in line with the creations of Zadig & Voltaire, a brand known for its love of contrasts, not hesitating to combine luxury and rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

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