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The sensuality and Magnetism of women according to Escada


The sensuality and Magnetism of women according to Escada
The sensuality and Magnetism of women according to Escada

Magnetism is a feminine scent , natural while being very sophisticated. It was created in 2003 and aims to highlight the power of women. The latter is then represented as living her loves with fusion and as fully fulfilling her desires. She is seductive and attractive; in short, its power of seduction is magnetic. The olfactory composition of Magnetism is complex, thus developing a very sensual generosity.

The power of attraction of the Escada woman

With this essence, Escada wanted to release captivating scents. The Escada woman then has more than one trick up her sleeve and her Magnetism is omnipresent. This woman is natural while being sophisticated. She has a crazy charm and a charisma that shows through the slightest glance. Her smile is radiant and her joie de vivre shines. Escada imagined a modern woman, following her desires and letting herself be guided by her desires. As the red color of its bottle suggests, passion is the key word here. What’s more, Magnetism was created by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley. They loved each other with a mad love and this perfume can also be seen as a tribute to the idyll of this couple who have become legendary. Magnetism then transcribes a sensual charm and the seduction operates as soon as its cabochon has been removed.

Magnetism, a gourmet and sensual fragrance

Magnetism opens with fruity and sassy notes of pineapple. The latter is then associated with blackcurrant, melon and lychee. However, this olfactory fruit salad is enhanced by a sprig of basil and a bouquet of thyme. His heart, meanwhile, offers a generous bouquet of flowers. We can also recognize freesia, rose, magnolia, jasmine, heliotrope and iris. Finally, the font of Magnetism is more enveloping and warm. It combines vanilla, benzoin, sandalwood, caramel, coconut and amber. Everything is then enclosed in a bottle cut like a precious stone. Its shape is unique. This case is worked like crystal. He soars towards the sky while being bent. It almost looks like it is in motion as it contains an uncontrollable energy. It then exudes an unparalleled dynamism. Both simple and pure, it is also complex. Indeed, it takes the form of a multi-faceted jewel. It is very feminine and its color is almost as vibrant and captivating as its scent.

Do you know the Escada limited editions? There are new ones every year. For 2016 it will be: Agua Del Sol .

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