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Originally from the Spanish Basque Country, Francisco Rabaneda y Cuervo became Paco Rabanne in 1964. His designs with conceptual cuts and improbable geometric shapes showcase unusual textile possibilities, such as cellular concrete, recycled household waste, flame retardant fabrics, wooden beads or even coconut shells… The Spanish artist started perfumery in 1969 with Calandre. However, it was not until 1973 that the brand stood out thanks to Paco Rabanne pour Homme. Among the great olfactory successes, we note XS, Lady Million, Invictus, Olympéa or even 1 Million.

1 Million, the smell of gold

1 Million, the smell of gold
1 Million, the smell of gold

The seductive notes of 1 Million

In 2018, Paco Rabanne presents a fragrance full of masculine seduction, gold and luxury. 1 Million effectively plunges us into a world of wealth and opulence made of gold, one of its favorite materials. The gold ingot bottle offers man a mythical power. The 1 Million man stirs up all the lusts here, he is envied, adulated, and admired by all. The 1 million fragrance is the fragrance for seductive men who assert themselves naturally.

Between luxury and seduction, 1 Million forms a brilliant couple with Lady Million. The composition signed Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard, takes off on the fresh and invigorating notes of blood orange, grapefruit, enhanced by notes of peppermint. Its heart combines cinnamon and rose. The base is virile and harmoniously blends a leather accord associated with notes of white wood, amber and patchouli.


Seduction goes up a notch with 1 Million Privé

Seduction goes up a notch with 1 Million Privé
Seduction goes up a notch with 1 Million Privé

1 Million Privé and its irresistible notes

In 2016, Paco Rabanne unveiled 1 Million Privé, a  variation of the famous 1 Million fragrance released in 2008. The Paco Rabanne man is more seductive here. If this fragrance is intended to be more virile than that of its predecessor, it also highlights the creator’s ability to master materials, smells and structures. More than ever, 1 Million Privé is an object of covetousness and luxury, which makes the man who wears it particularly irresistible.

1 Million Privé is a fragrance created by Christophe Raynaud and it defines itself as an essence that is both oriental and woody. It begins with a fruity and fresh touch of blood mandarin, enhanced by tones of cinnamon. The heart combines aromas of hookah with myrrh resin, an ingredient from a tree of African origin, which gives scents both sweet, warm and anise. Finally, the base will leave a sensual trail thanks to the presence of patchouli, vanilla and tonka bean.


1 Million Eau de Toilette, a sensuality that has no limits


1 Million Eau de Toilette, a sensuality that has no limits
1 Million Eau de Toilette, a sensuality that has no limits

The jostling notes, 1 Million Eau de Toilette

1 Million Eau de Toilette is a fragrance that seems to obey no one except their fantasies. The fragrance depicts the art of being flamboyant through a beautiful spicy leather particularly studied for an insolent gentleman.

If 1 Million Eau de Toilette is as seductive as its elders, here it sports an insolent, even sassy aspect. Irresistible, the composition takes off on a multifaceted freshness of grapefruit, mint and mandarin. Its heart is filled with cinnamon, associated with rose and the luminosity of neroli. Finally, the base combines a leather, sandalwood, white wood, amber and patchouli accord. Faithful to the gold ingot, the bottle shines once again with a thousand lights.


Create good luck with 1 Million Lucky

Create good luck with 1 Million Lucky
Create good luck with 1 Million Lucky

1 Million Lucky and its woody-green-gourmet tones

Audacieux, 1 Million Lucky est une déclinaison qui se veut particulièrement jeune et moderne. Si le flacon reprend les principaux codes de son ainé, sa couleur a été totalement repensée. Le bloc de verre est aujourd’hui recouvert d’une couche argentée sur sa face avant. Sublimé par des détails dorés parfaitement assortis à sa surface arrière en verre, le flacon arbore ici une transparence parfaite qui nous laisse entrevoir un jus de couleur dorée.

Ces deux nuances colorées sont également présentes sur la boîte cartonnée du flacon. Le nom de 1 Million Lucky est quant à lui inscrit dans une typographie finement gravée et faisant écho à l’univers du Far-West. La composition s’envole sur la note d’ozone associée à la prune et au pamplemousse. Le cœur conjugue le bois de cachemire, la noisette, le miel, le cèdre, la fleur d’oranger et le jasmin. Enfin, le fond associe le patchouli, la mousse de chêne, le bois d’amberwood et le vétiver.

Avec Lady Million, 1 Million forme un couple mythique de la parfumerie. Faite d’or, la fragrance de Paco Rabanne est avant tout une fragrance séductrice. Avec son flacon en forme de lingot d’or, la panoplie est alors complète. Toutes ses déclinaisons garderont ce précieux ADN, nous faisant presque sentir l’odeur de l’or. Ici, tout n’est que luxe, beauté et excellence…

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