The different fragrances of The One Dolce & Gabanna


If initially, the Dolce & Gabanna brand was known for its men’s clothing, it has established itself as an essential brand in modern perfumery. His first perfume was born in 1992. It was nevertheless not until 2006, with the release of The One, that the spotlight was entirely on the house of Dolce & Gabanna. Fragrance of a modern and unique woman, “La Seule” in French, embodies a woman of the most seductive and ultra feminine. Its success will give birth to magnificent variations.

The One, femininity in all its facets

The One, femininity in all its facets
The One, femininity in all its facets

Enter a unique world with The One

Floral and oriental, the fragrance “The One” is heady, modern, but while remaining sensual. Sweet and demanding, the woman “The One” is determined, she knows what she wants. It will therefore be her and no one else, since she is “The Alone”. Since she is unique, the Dolce & Gabanna woman is for all women, all characters, as long as they are unique! The composition will take off on the fresh and fruity notes of lychee, peach, mandarin and a zest of bergamot. The heart evolves towards a bouquet composed of lily, lily of the valley and jasmine.

The sweet aspect of the plum will then be added to the flowers. Then, the base is as sensual as it is woody with the presence of vetiver, amber and vanilla. Powerful and luxurious, the composition of “The One” had to have a bottle at its height. The latter will therefore be in gold with a clean and contemporary design. It features a heavy block of glass topped with a massive gold stopper. The bottle perfectly combines sumptuous style with classic shapes.


The One Eau de Toilette, a luminous freshness

 The One Eau de Toilette, a luminous freshness
The One Eau de Toilette, a luminous freshness

The femme fatale fresher version with The One Eau de Toilette

Make no mistake, The One Eau de Toilette remains the same femme fatale, the unique one. However, here it has a much fresher, airy and much brighter side. The Dolce & Gabanna woman loves to be noticed and loves to seduce. To imagine the new Eau de Toilette, the brand’s creators say they were inspired by the city of Naples. More luminous and radiant than ever, the Dolce & Gabanna woman gives performances like the Divas. The composition takes off on dynamic notes of bergamot, mandarin, peach and lychee.

Its heart is essentially flowery with the presence of jasmine, lily and lily of the valley, combined with the sweet tones of plum. Finally, the base is very sensual with the combination of vetiver and white musks. If the bottle uses the main code of its predecessor, it is displayed here more elongated, but its luminosity remains intact.


The One Men, masculine charisma

The One Men, masculine charisma
The One Men, masculine charisma

The sensual notes of The One Men

The One Men is defined as a sensual and sophisticated fragrance. It is aimed at cosmopolitan men. On this subject, the house of Dolce & Gabbana affirms “We dedicate The One Men to the Dolce & Gabbana man, Modern, sensual, cosmopolitan, who takes care of himself and his body … A man endowed with an innate charisma, sure. of him and who is not afraid to express his personality through what he wears ”. The Dolce & Gabbana man is endowed with a Mediterranean charisma, a power of attraction unique to him. The One Men is the fragrance of a self-confident man, a man of devastating charm.

The composition takes off on a multifaceted freshness and combines grapefruit and basil, enhanced by coriander. The heart combines the luminosity of orange blossom with ginger and cardamom. The base will leave a trail that is both amber, musky and leathery as it combines cedar wood, amber, sandalwood as well as notes of tobacco.


The One for Men, Eau de Perfume, all the Italian elegance

The One for Men, Eau de Perfume, all the Italian elegance
The One for Men, Eau de Perfume, all the Italian elegance

Notes between modernity and classic, Eau de Toilette The One Men

Sorti en 2006, The One pour femme est la représentation parfaite du luxe et de l’élégance. Le succès de la fragrance est alors immédiat. À l’instar de la version féminine, The One Men Eau de Parfum est une fragrance somptueuse et élégante. Sophistiqué et charismatique, l’homme Dolce & Gabbana se rebrand par son attitude à la fois naturelle et chic.

Son charisme semble inné et son élégance naturelle. L’Eau de Toilette a été conçue pour les hommes d’aujourd’hui. Les notes de tête conjuguent la fraicheur du pamplemousse et du basilic, rehaussée par la coriandre. Le cœur est à la fois moderne et classique et associe la cardamome, le gingembre et la fleur d’oranger. Enfin, le fond se veut ultra masculin grâce à la présence de l’ambre, du tabac et du bois de cèdre.


Énorme succès de la brand Dolce & Gabbana, The One est la fragrance d’une femme unique. Sensuelle et charismatique, cette dernière est traitée comme une femme d’exception. Sa déclinaison version homme garde l’ADN de l’élégance masculine, offrant aux hommes un parfum rare et précieux.

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