Si d’Armani, the perfume in a new box


Si d'Armani, the perfume in a new box that inspires Italian life!
Si d’Armani, the perfume in a new box that inspires Italian life!

The festive and Italian box set of Si d’Armani perfume

Si is a luminous fragrance designed for a charismatic and sophisticated woman. As Giorgio Armani explained at the time of its release: “ Sì is my homage to modern femininity ,” he said, “an irresistible blend of grace, strength and a spirit of independence. »This is a juice bursting with emotion and mystery. With him, the woman immediately becomes unforgettable. It affirms both all its elegance and its contradictions. Si is the scent of a strong and serene femininity. Today, he returns and gives us his unforgettable aura in a brand new box.

If d’Armani reinvents the chypre breath

Si d’Armani is a chic, voluptuous and intense fragrance. It is part of the olfactory family of chypre essences while reinventing their classic style. It begins with the incisive and fresh breath of the blackcurrant bud. Its racy and biting scent is softened by the presence of a more sensual vanilla. Si’s femininity shines through in a duet of May rose and freesia. Finally, its base rests on a more woody and amber base, enriched with orcanox and musk.

One perfume but two boxes

Si d’Armani is presented to us in an elegant red and glittery box, elegantly decorated with a bow. Its color fits perfectly into the spirit of the Christmas holidays . It is then available in two different versions. The first of them contains the Si spray in a 50 ml format accompanied by its shower gel and a miniature bottle. The second set, for its part, contains the Si spray, still in a 50 ml format, accompanied as a gift by a body milk and an Armani shower gel.

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