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Repetto – L’Envol Blanc


Repetto - L'Envol Blanc
Repetto – L’Envol Blanc

The white flight, the new Repetto perfumed ballet, inspired by Swan Lake.

The bottle is transformed into a majestic swan whose white wings are ready to be deployed.
The white case evokes the deployment of the wings which gives the swan all its grandeur. Swan and dancer merge on the moving stage.
The play of texture and embossing sublimates the unfolding wings.

This musky fruity floral fragrance opens with a luminous veil of fine mandarin and transparent like tulle. It reveals the greedy presence of the subtle blackberry.

The heart is delicate and feminine: a bouquet of vegetable feathers. Chubby peony and sambac jasmine form a soft floral down.
Finally, a thread encases pearls of white musk and ambergris.
Supported by the scented scrolls and arabesques, the swan dancer takes flight …

All dance lovers know it, Le Lac des Cygnes is a must-have piece in the classical dance sector. This four-act ballet performed to music by Tchaikovsky is a true masterpiece. The greatest star dancers on the planet are fighting to play the main role and Repetto usually takes care of decorating them with the most beautiful ballerinas. Well, this time it is a perfume that inspired this highly famous show. Repetto presents its brand new Eau de Toilette called L’Envol Blanc.

The fruity femininity of L’Envol Blanc

Like a new ballet, L’Envol Blanc comes on stage as if to subjugate us with its elegant beauty. Repetto signs with him a very accomplished floral, fruity and musky fragrance. Its start is particularly bright. It contains, in this case, tangerine. Thus, its lightness evokes the iconic tulle of classical dancers. This citrus fruit is then associated with a more fruity side of blackberry, an ingredient that is part of the dominant notes of this essence. This gives the whole a little greedy side. Then, L’Envol Blanc evolves towards a more floral and fluffy heart. It contains in particular peony and sambac jasmine. Its elegance becomes aerial and portrays to us the image of a dancer soaring into the air. The whole leaves behind a sensation of cleanliness emanating from the white musks. Likewise, ambergris gives it a unique and easily identifiable trail. The Envol Blanc is then contained in a bottle in the typical shape of those of the House of Repetto. This one displays a round and generous silhouette. Its limpid glass material lets us glimpse the transparency of its light pink juice. Everything is particularly subtle and airy.

Repetto and the world of dance

Also, it is not a surprise to see Repetto once again shine in the field of dance. Indeed, since 1947, this Parisian house has established itself as an international reference for the greatest ballerinas from around the world. Repetto is a brand that rhymes its name with grace and refinement. Nevertheless, it was not until 2013 to see her launch into perfumery. This story began with Répetto Le Perfume, a juice sewn of Tulle and satin, vaporous like a ballet and as precise as the gestures of a rising star of the dance. This one leaves behind a subtle but determined signature. Also, following its success, Repetto decided to decline it, in 2014, in an Eau de Parfum. It was more amber and intense. Likewise, the same year, Repetto created the Christmas Ballet, a refreshed composition with a frosty and ozonic hint. Finally, last year we witnessed a more romantic ballet thanks toRepetto Floral Water . It then seems quite simply impossible to stop the brand’s olfactory creativity. Nevertheless, L’Envol Blanc does seem to live up to its predecessors. There is no doubt that he will soon be billed as the perfect companion for the greatest dancing legends on the planet.

Repetto is a brand that saw the light of day in 1947 in the heart of Paris. The latter was founded by Rose Repetto and soon established itself as an international reference in the field of dance. Today, the greatest ballerinas around the world are snapping up their products, including those in the perfume department. In fact, it was in 2013 that Repetto decided to extend its activity to this sector. Today, the brand offers us a whole new scent variation. L’Envol Blanc is currently making its appearance and already seems to have many assets to seduce women.

L’Envol Blanc, Repetto’s new show

L’Envol Blanc is a new fragrance inspired by the iconic Swan Lake. This new olfactory ballet is described as a floral, fruity and musky fragrance. Its flight begins with a luminous and energizing contribution of mandarin. This tangy citrus gives the whole a very airy side, almost similar to the tulle surrounding the tutus of the dancers. Then, L’Envol Blanc evolves towards a more delicate and feminine heart. This combines the romanticism of peony with the opulent richness of sambac jasmine. Blackberry is also a very present ingredient at the heart of this fragrance. She brings to L’Envol Blanc an absolutely irresistible greedier facet. Nevertheless, this appetite whet would be nothing without a part of sensuality emanating from ambergris. Finally, L’Envol Blanc leaves behind a feeling of cleanliness thanks to the presence of white musk in its wake. On the bottle side, it is also faithful to the spirit of the Repetto brand. He resumedthe round and generous shape of its elders . All in transparency, it lets us glimpse its tender pink juice reminiscent of that of the tutus of classical dancers. Everything is very feminine and is perfectly anchored in the universe of the brand.

Repetto is inspired by Swan Lake

Aussi, si Repetto a choisi de s’inspirer de l’emblématique Lac des Cygnes, c’est tout bonnement parce qu’il s’agit de l’un des spectacles de danse classique les plus connus au monde. Son histoire débuta en 1875 alors que l’intendant du Grand théâtre de Moscou, Vladimir Pétrovitch Begitchev, demanda à Tchaïkovsky de lui composer un ballet. Celui-ci accepta immédiatement, d’autant plus que la proposition était particulièrement lucrative. Qui plus est, celui-ci confia dans une lettre à l’un de ses amis qu’il rêvait depuis longtemps de « s’essayer à ce genre de musique ». Tchaïkovsky se lança alors dans une partition musicale très complexe. D’ailleurs, le chorégraphe du premier ballet du Lac des Cygnes, Julius Reisinger, se trouva dépassé par les ambitions symphoniques de cette musique. Néanmoins, au fil des années et des différents chorégraphes, cette pièce devint l’un des ballets les plus appréciés au monde. Le Lac des Cygnes est aujourd’hui l’une des références dans le domaine de la danse que toutes les plus grandes danseuses de la planète rêvent de pouvoir incarner un jour. Aussi, cela ne fait aucun doute qu’elles porteront pour l’occasion le tout nouvel Envol Blanc de Repetto.

Floral fruity musky

Top Notes: Mandarin, Blackberry
Heart Notes: Peony, Jasmine Sambac
Base Notes: White Musk, Ambergris

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