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What does patchouli smell like?


Patchouli is a very polarizing scent; many individuals either like it or despise it.

It has an earthy, spicy, and somewhat sweet aroma that is similar to the fragrance of health food stores. Some people find it rich and exotic, while others find it musty or vegetal.

When blended appropriately, patchouli produces a lovely foundation note for refined scents like those found in our famed Ellington and Speakeasy premium candles.

If you’re unfamiliar with patchouli or want to learn more about its history, you’ve come to the right place. In this piece, we’ll discuss what patchouli smells like and where it comes from.

What exactly is patchouli?

Patchouli is a flowering shrub native to Southeast Asian tropical countries. Pogostemon cablin is its scientific name, although most people refer to it as “patchouli” or “patch” for short.

This beautiful plant can grow up to 3 feet tall and has big, hairy leaves and beautiful purple-white flowers that grow on thick, woolly spikes.

Patchouli belongs to the mint family (Lamiaceae), which is strange considering that it does not smell like mint — we’ll go over how patchouli smells in more depth below.

Patchouli’s history began with the Tamils of South India, who were the first to discover medicinal, culinary, and insect repellant uses for the plant.

Its fragrant leaves came into the Middle East through silk trade routes, wrapped in trunks of silks, carpets, and other costly objects to ward off moths and other insects. Centuries later, Napoleon is said to be the first to bring patchouli to Europe, where it quickly became famous for its rich, exotic perfume.

Patchouli is arguably best known as a distinctive perfume of the 1960s and 1970s American counterculture movement. Its earthy, calming aroma was popular among free-spirited hippies.

But don’t let patchouli fool you into thinking it’s just a “hippie” scent. Patchouli is used in some of the most expensive and classy perfumes on the market right now.

What does patchouli smell like?

Patchouli is most typically associated with the woody scent family because of its strong, earthy perfume, but it is also used to create lovely ambery, fougère, and chypre scents.

According to most people, patchouli smells earthy and musky on its own. Those who like it do so because of the delicate spicy, sweet, and woody ingredients that add refinement and character to this one-of-a-kind scent.

Those who loathe patchouli find its earthiness unappealing, comparing it to the smell of a cold basement, a wet dog, or an unbathed hippie. To be sure, they usually smell like cheap or low-quality patchouli.

The fragrance of Patchouli may be objectively characterized as:

  • Earthy to the core
  • Musky
  • Sweet Spicy Woodsy
  • Herbaceous
  • Medicinal in nature,

A good patchouli essential oil smells like walking barefoot through a verdant forest after heavy rain. The moist earth underneath you has a pungent odor, followed by a sweet and herbal freshness from the bright woods and flora around you.

Patchouli is a versatile foundation note that pairs well with citrusy notes like bergamot, floral notes like lavender and geranium, and woodsy notes like sandalwood and vetiver.

When used judiciously, it adds elegance, refinement, and depth to many mixtures (less is more). Popular patchouli fragrances include:

Tom Ford’s Gentleman Patchouli

Givenchy Eau de Parfum Dior Chance Monsieur by Frederic MalleChanel Givenchy Eau de Parfum

Where Does the Patchouli Scent Come From?

Patchouli’s characteristic perfume is mostly generated by its large, fuzzy leaves and stems, which are gathered and dried many times each year. Patchouli essential oil is extracted from these leaves using steam distillation.

The compounds patchoulol, norpatchoulenol, and germacrene-B are found in patchouli essential oil.

Patchouli’s distinct earthy, sweet, and camphoraceous scent is mostly due to patchoulol. Norpatchoulenol is also a component, but we couldn’t find any information on how it smells.

Finally, Germacrene-B is a sesquiterpene with a woody scent that lends patchouli insect repellent properties.

Patchouli Aromatherapy Benefits

Patchouli aromatherapy may help to calm your emotions, improve your mood, and reduce anxiety.

Some describe it as a grounding and emotionally balanced scent that promotes both mind and body relaxation. It boosts the synthesis of feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which aid in the treatment of anxiety, stress, and depression.

The scent is closely associated with love and desire. Patchouli has been used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years. It works by increasing estrogen and testosterone, which makes both men and women more sexually interested. 

Lost Cherry evokes strong feelings 


“We were sixteen at the time, and we’d arrived at Baby’s table dancin’ at the local hole, cheerin’ our names in the pink spotlight,”
I was sipping cherry schnapps as the night was as soft as silk. ”
“This Is What Makes Us Girls,”

One of my favorite parts of music and smell is how they can create time capsules in our brains. This implies that if you hear or smell any “blast from the past” in the future, you will be psychologically transported back to the time and location you will permanently connect it. This is one of the reasons I appreciate both of these activities so much.

The song “This Is What Makes Us Girls” and the smell of Lost Cherry perfume take me back to a time in my life when I was about to become an adult. When it seemed like anything might happen, and nothing was off limits. In 1996, when I was 16, I was aware of the impact I might have on a male. This awareness occurs at a moment in every girl’s life when she understands she has become visible to the other sex. Even if we seem to be living in a different period (in terms of relationships between boys and girls), every female comes to this understanding at some point in her life. If I played my cards correctly, push-up bras, make-up, low-cut tighter-fitting clothing, a knowing smile, and “accidentally” brushing up against a guy might have them eating out of the palm of my hand.

I was not alone. I moved in with a couple of girls who were all my age. We were a tribe of burgeoning vixens, ready to use our newly developed sexuality as the weapon we were discovering it might become. We were learning what it might become. We were still coming out of our adolescent years, so we staggered about in our incredibly high heels, all of us being cautious not to be annoying as we learned to negotiate the new world of seduction. But it’s only natural that we make mistakes from time to time. There were moments when our hearts were shattered, when we made bad decisions, when we acted ridiculously, and when it seemed inevitable that the night would end with at least one of us passed out, drunk, on the ground or a bench, crying:

“There she was, my fresh new best friend,” I said.
She was wearing a pair of high heels that swayed in the wind.
“Lana, how I despise those people,” she says to Lana as she starts to cry and mascara drips down her little Bambi eyes.
They claim that this is what separates females from males.

Lost Cherry, in my view, is more than just a perfume that one may use to make oneself smell nice. The scent starts to build as soon as you spray it on your wrist, flowing through ebbs and flows and varying in character from one moment to the next. You first notice a rich, almost medicinally alcoholic cherry liqueur. These are the alcoholic drinks we would drink at home to start our night out at the bars and clubs. Then there’s a note that’s more almond-like with a flowery undertone. This note reminds me of pan stick, drugstore face powder, and the smells we used to soak ourselves before going out to seem sophisticated.

The whole scenario then starts to produce an intoxicating stench. That heady mix of whiskey, maraschino cherries, lipstick, perfume, and a smidge (At the time, my closest friend and I both loved the smell of cigarette and cigar smoke on a guy, especially when mixed with the scent of brandy, rum, or whiskey.) However, the mustiness starts to show itself at this point. Not too much, but just enough to conjure up images of people making out in the back bar while pressed up against each other. Get your coat. You’ve been pulled!

I get a rubbery finish from “Lost Cherry,’ and I can’t help but think it’s Tom Ford’s knowing, eyebrow-raising sense of humor. As the aroma starts to calm down and settle, I detect a rubber note from ‘Lost Cherry.’ Because any sensible young girl on the draw must be aware that the loss of one’s cherry should result in the employment of a rubber, hehe! I am convinced that TF created this smell with the notion of sexual growth. I don’t believe he merely wanted to make a cherry fragrance and selected the name because it was controversial. The whole performance of “Lost Cherry” is a vivid remembrance of what it was like to be young, intense, delightfully seductive, and crossing the Rubicon. In other words, it acts as a memory of what it was like to leave the domain of virginity and enter the sphere of adulthood.

When you’re young and think you know all there is to know about the world, you must put yourself out there and learn the hard way. You can only accomplish this by going through it yourself. The song “Lost Cherry” evokes many deep recollections and feelings from that time. That one time when a group of my friends and I found we were the newest up-and-coming “hot commodity” on the dating market, we were determined to do all in our power to make it work on our terms. After a year, we could look back on our first foray into adulthood with some embarrassment and wistfulness that, even though it had only been a year, made us understand that we could never return to that position.

Those friendships faded with time. Some moved away, some went to college, others married, and others had families. But I’ll never forget those heady days of finally feeling like an “adult” and dabbling in grown-up relationships for the first time. Those were the days that I will never forget. With his fragrance ‘Lost Cherry,’ Tom Ford has created a time machine, at least for me, and I am thankful to him for creating such a beautiful and enjoyable aroma that does more for me than simply smell lovely while it is on my wrist. It meets the same standards as other well-known perfumes. It affects how one feels. And for that, Mr. Ford, please accept my heartfelt thanks.

“It was the most gorgeous crowd you’d ever seen,” she added, “with ribbons in our hair and mean glances in our eyes.”
a group of young ladies who have devolved into beauty queens
And you’re aware of something, aren’t you?
They were my only buddies, and we got into some trouble together, and when things got very nasty, I was taken away. I recall sobbing as I bid farewell to my only pals at the train station, knowing I’d never see them again.
This is what distinguishes us from the guys.

The Little Black Dress is back as a Collector’s Edition

    The Little Black Dress is back as a Collector's Edition
    The Little Black Dress is back as a Collector’s Edition!

    The La Petite Robe Noire is back as a Collector’s Edition in a “fashion” look!

    Since its first publication, La Petite Robe Noire has made Paris its kingdom and conquered the hearts of French women and even women worldwide. However, initially intended for confidential marketing, it has become one of the biggest planetary bestsellers. Guerlain, therefore, seems firmly determined to ride the wave of such success. In this sense, the brand regularly releases limited editions of its precious bottles. So, at the start of 2017, the most famous Little Black Dress gave itself a new look. Or 15 new looks!

    Guerlain seems to swear only by Kuntzel and Deygas.

    Since the creation of the first Little Black Dress, the Guerlain house seems to have had eyes only for the duo of Kuntzel and Deygas. Indeed, they were the ones who had the idea of ​​creating this muse unlike any other in the form of a silhouette drawn in Indian ink. Kuntzel and Deygas bring together a French couple, Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas. These two renowned designers have always been passionate about designing animated films. Their talent was quickly noticed during an experimental project that the two creators worked on together. Together, they have collaborated on the most significant projects, rising among the most recognized names in their field. We owe them, in particular, the credits of the film “Catch me if you can” by Spielberg. Likewise, the latter had the opportunity to exhibit their creations in the prestigious MOMA museum in 1990 or at the Grand Palais in 2006. Finally, they received a D&DA award in 2004. Conquered by their talent, the Guerlain house continues to show their interest. Ask for a revisit of La Petite Robe Noire. They then stage it in all situations and apply it to multiple objects such as scarves, gloves, or even cellphone cases. Logically, it is once again these two creators who took charge of the new Little Black Dress Collector’s Edition of 2017. They then stage it in all situations and apply it to multiple objects such as scarves, gloves, or even cellphone cases. Logically, it is once again these two creators who took charge of the new Little Black Dress Collector’s Edition of 2017. They then stage it in all situations and apply it to multiple objects such as scarves, gloves, or even cellphone cases. Logically, it is once again these two creators who took charge of the new Little Black Dress Collector’s Edition of 2017.

    The new look of La Petite Robe Noire

    As with each version, La Petite Robe Noire does not modify its fragrance. Thus, we have the pleasure of rediscovering its delicious, mischievous, fruity, and gourmet aroma based on black cherry, almond, and rose. The surprise comes instead from its visuals. The new bottle of La Petite Robe Noire Collector’s Edition 2017 nevertheless retains its legendary shape. It must be said that this is directly linked to the heritage of Guerlain since it is the silhouette of the bottle of L’Heure Bleue and Mitsouko, two iconic perfumes from the Guerlain house. We thus find the emblematic curve of their sensual shoulders associated with an inverted heart-shaped cap.

    On the other hand, Kuntzel and Deygas have dared to cover the crystalline transparency of La Petite Robe Noire with an entirely opaque black lacquer on which a colored rectangle is drawn, revealing the silhouette of La Petite Robe Noire itself. This then takes on 15 different looks, each of which is numbered. Guerlain is therefore offering us an entire couture collection this year: “This time, we have designed a whole fashion show for La Petite Robe Noire.” ” 15 imaginary dresses for the chicest of Parisians.” “This time, we designed a whole fashion show for La Petite Robe Noire. “15 imaginary dresses for the chicest of Parisians. This time, we created an exclusive fashion show for La Petite Robe Noire. 15 fantastical dresses for the most stylish of Parisians

    Personal Reflections on the Good Girl Perfume

    The perfume Good Girl is a fragrance that is well-known for its purity, sweetness, and understatement. Despite its image as something that a timid and honest girl would wear to church, the good girl perfume is highly adaptable and may be used in various settings. It is possible to dress it up or down according to the wearer’s preferences and the occasion they will be attending. It is so comfortable that even men may wear it! If you secretly wish that people saw you as edgy and daring instead of sometimes being perceived as pleasant and well-mannered, then Good Girl perfume might be your new favorite accessory. If you enjoy having the reputation of being an excellent and well-mannered person but sometimes wish that people saw you as edgy and daring instead, then the good girl. Continue reading if you are unsure as to whether or not this fragrance is the one that will complement you the most.

    By reading the following blog article, you will gain further knowledge about the good girl perfume and why you may want to consider purchasing it. You will also learn how to fit it into your regular style and determine which scents are most suited for special events and everyday use. Let’s get started!

    Where can I find more information on the Good Girl Perfume?

    The aroma of the good girl perfume has been described as a typical example of a feminine fragrance that is neither overbearing nor too strong. In most cases, it has a delicate floral scent that smells both sweet and fresh, but not in an overwhelming way. The Good Girl perfume exudes an air of timelessness and elegance, making it suitable for any setting, whether it’s a formal or informal event. For many decades, the “good girl” perfume has been available. It rose to prominence in the 1960s and 1970s, when women challenged traditional roles in various spheres, including education and the workforce.

    During this period in fashion history, the subdued and sugary scent of the good girl perfume was a popular option for more traditional fashion trends. This was due to the perfume’s ability to evoke feelings of innocence and purity. In addition to being called the office perfume, the pleasant perfume, and the innocent perfume, “the good girl perfume” is also known as these names. The scents Coco Chanel No. 5, Eternity by Calvin Klein, Chanel No. 19, and White Musk by Versace are among the most well-known good girl perfumes.

    Who Should Put on The Good Girl Perfume?

    If you want to avoid the girly and childish vibes of wearing a perfume marketed as ‘floral,’ the good girl perfume is an excellent choice. It has a subtly sweet and alluring scent, and it is perfect for those who love the idea of smelling seductively charming and attractive. And if you want to wear a perfume that will make you look nice without seeming too sweet, the good girl perfume is the best choice. This is the ideal perfume for you if you are reserved and want other people to think of you in a positive light since you are sweet, innocent, and courteous. Additionally, anybody looking for a perfume that will remain strong throughout the day might consider purchasing the Good Girl perfume. Since the aroma of the good girl perfume is not overpowering, it will not transfer to your skin or clothing and cause a noticeable odor.

    Here are three different ways that you may use the good girl perfume!

    We have previously gone over the fact that the scent of the good girl perfume is not overpowering and is pleasant. If you have ever smelled this scent before, you probably already know it tends to be rather potent sometimes. However, there are several things you can do to ensure that wearing this perfume does not make you feel as if you have been submerged in its scent.

    Please wear it on when you are out and about throughout the day. The scent of the good girl perfume is quite intoxicating, yet it has a compelling presence. If you wear it throughout the day, you may end up smelling like a perfume bottle even after you wash it off.

    Moderation is the key to wearing it well. Because the good girl perfume has such a powerful aroma, just a tiny amount should be applied to the skin at a time. There is no need for you to immerse yourself in it completely.

    Combine it with a fragrance that has a more muted aroma. If you want to lessen the intensity of the smell of the good girl perfume, you may dilute it with other perfumes or scents. Because the good girl perfume blends well with a wide range of fragrances, you should not be afraid to try new combinations.

    What are the most appropriate fragrances to wear on special occasions?

    You have numerous alternatives to choose from if you are searching for a perfume to wear for formal events like a wedding or a gala, such as when you go to a formal event. The good girl perfume may be the ideal choice if you’re seeking a fragrance suitable for virtually any significant event. The following aromas are available for your perusal, and you may choose one that best complements your sense of style:

    Chanel No. 5 is the epitome of timeless elegance, making it the ideal perfume for special occasions. A woman who is not afraid to make a statement should wear this smell because of its boldness and strength.

    Coco Mademoiselle is a contemporary perfume that combines citrus and rose notes in a feminine and refined way. It is an excellent choice for those who want a more understated approach to their style.

    Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a perfume with a fresh, flowery aroma that is ideal for younger women who want to dress in a more carefree and playful manner. This is a fantastic option for more youthful ladies or teenagers if you want a sweet and feminine scent.

    This perfume from Givenchy, known as Bouquet Imperial, has a powerful and exotic aroma, making it an ideal choice for more experienced ladies. It has a strong smell that is layered with spiciness and is very complex.

    What are the most pleasant fragrances to wear daily?

    There is a wide variety of fragrances available to choose from if you want to select a scent that is appropriate for everyday use as a perfume. If you appreciate the notion of smelling sweet and enticing, but you don’t want to smell like a teenager or your grandma, the good girl perfume is a good decision for you to make. The majority of the colognes, perfumes, and Eau de toilettes described above as appropriate for formal events may also be used daily. However, certain scents are more suited for day-to-day use than others are in terms of appropriateness. The following are some examples of bouquets suitable for daily use: White Musk is a product of Versace: This perfume has a pleasant aroma and is reasonably priced; it is ideal for day-to-day use because of its sweet smell. Thanks to its delicate and understated nature, it has a pleasant aroma without being overpowering.

    Ocean Blue, a brand of cigarettes made by Davidoff: This perfume has a robust and manly aroma that is great for those guys who wish to have a sweet-smelling odor around them. It has a rich and powerful scent seductive to the sense of smell.


    The perfume good girl is a timeless scent that manages to avoid being excessively frilly while being a sweet and naive aroma. It is the ideal perfume for ladies who wish to exude a lovely fragrance but do not want to smell like either a flower arrangement or a box of candies when they do so. If you want to wear a scent that is not overpowering but seductive, the good girl perfume can be the ideal option for you to go with. You may dress it up for more formal occasions, wear it every day, or even wear it while simply relaxing around the home. If you are searching for a perfume that can be worn to practically any kind of event or occasion, the good girl perfume is an excellent option for you to consider.

    The One Men, the must-have aromas of Italian elegance

    The One Men, the must of Italian elegance
    The One Men, the must of Italian elegance

    Dolce & Gabbana was founded in 1985 by two Milanese designers, Domenico Dolce and Stéfano Gabbana. The two met at a tailoring workshop in Venice and share the same conception of fashion.

    When it was created, the house Dolce & Gabbana claimed that they had been influenced by “Armani for discipline, Alaïa for madness, Chanel for its concept of couture and Jean-Paul Gaultier for creativity”. Their first perfume “Dolce & Gabbana pour Femme” was released in 1992. In 2006, the brand unveiled “The One”. It was two years later that she presented the male version “The One Men”.

    Modern man according to Dolce & Gabbana

    “The One Men” is defined as a sensual and sophisticated fragrance. It is aimed at cosmopolitan men. The brand affirms “We dedicate The One Men to the Dolce & Gabbana man: Modern, sensual, cosmopolitan, who takes care of himself and his body… A man endowed with an innate charisma, confident and who does not fear to express his personality through what he wears ”. “The One Men” is therefore inevitably a scent of character.. But, let’s not forget that “The One Men” is inherited from Italian elegance, and as such it develops a very particular charm. The Dolce & Gabbana man has a Mediterranean charisma, a power of attraction unique to him. “The One Men” is undoubtedly the fragrance of a self-confident man who asserts his sensuality and his desires, a man with devastating charm.

    The sensual notes of The One Men

    It is the very famous Olivier Polge who is at the origin of this so sensual and elegant composition. “The One Men” is defined as a woody and spicy oriental fragrance. “The One Men” begins with the freshness of grapefruit, associated with the aromatic freshness of basil. Coriander then enhances this freshness. The heart of “The One Men” lights up with orange blossom mixed with spicy tones of ginger and the freshness of cardamom. The trail leaves an amber, musky and leathery trail at the same time as it combines cedar wood, amber, sandalwood and notes of tobacco for an ultra sensual result. The nectar of “The One Men” is contained in a very structured and above all very masculine bottle. It has the shape of a heavy glass with geometric lines. Both classic and refined,

    “The One Men” or the must of Italian sophistication. Two years after the success of the female version “The One”, Dolce & Gabbana presents “The One Men”. Fragrance dedicated to self- confident men , “The One Men” is a seductive composition.

    New fragrance The One Gray by Dolce & Gabbana

    New fragrance The One Gray by Dolce & Gabbana
    New fragrance The One Gray by Dolce & Gabbana

    Dolce & Gabbana represents Italian luxury, sensuality and Mediterranean charm in both haute couture and perfumery. By launching its The One range first in its female version in 2006 and then in its male version in 2008 with The One For Men, the house of Dolce & Gabbana wanted to draw in perfumes an ideal image of women and men. Dolce & Gabbana.

    With especially The One For Men, Dolce & Gabbana offered in the space of a few bottles a bewitching universe that is particularly suited to today’s men. The One Gray will offer them this time a journey between freshness and scorching heat in beautiful notes of ambergris.

    Dolce & Gabbana evolves its perfume The One Men

    The One Gray or the meeting of animal strength and the burning sensuality of The One For Men .

    With The One For Men, Dolce & Gabbana offered the strength of a unique, intense, contrasting and very manly composition. The fragrance plays with aromatic freshness to better send us spicy headwinds and sensual woody notes that never cease to surprise and charm us. Like this bottle, the ambassador of The One For Men will be charismatic, sensual and with an inimitable presence thanks to the actor of Game of Thrones Kit Harington.
    For The One For Men Eau de Perfume, the man will take us in a wind of joy and good humor through the streets of Naples, what will it be for The One Gray in 2018?

    It seems that for The One Gray, being more refined and fresher than the previous opus, the ambassador of this magnificent saga is staged in a very aesthetic and very artistic visual of black and white.
    The One Gray will therefore come to offer us all the warmth of The One For Men while distilling from that from there powerful notes of ambergris which will create absolutely irresistible chiaroscuro volutes.

    The new composition of The One Gray perfume

    When ambergris blends with tobacco notes, The One Gray adorns men with a veil of charming mystery

    Since 2008, Olivier Polge’s composition for the One For Men has experienced magnificent variations, sometimes very fresh like The One Sport or The One Gentleman, sometimes more oriental and sensual like with The One For Men Eau de Parfum or the two limited editions The One Royal Night and The One Mysterious Night. For The One Gray, Dolce & Gabbana has instead chosen intense hot and cold contrasts.

    Thus The One Gray opens with a tangy-aromatic opening of grapefruit and cardamom. Then lavender from Provence blends with nervous and deep notes of vetiver to form a beating heart to this The One Gray. Finally, the beautiful depths will reach our nostrils as in a disturbing cloud of ambergris, gray wood without forgetting the original accord of amber wood and tobacco as if to let in the light at will or to let itself slide towards shadows. carnal …

    Dolce & Gabbana – The One Gold

    Dolce & Gabbana - The One GoldThe one is all gold. It is the essence of luxury, the perfect representation of sumptuous styles and classic shapes …

    The One Gold

    For over 20 years, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have created a unique style through a provocative approach to fashion. The Dolce & Gabbana fashion house has become synonymous with luxury and glamor.

    Dolce & Gabbana has released a new version of their famous The One and The One Men. The One for Women perfume is adorned with an entirely golden bottle.

    The One Gold Edition Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana

    This new version of The One perfectly reflects the quintessence of luxury that Dolce & Gabbana wants to share.

    “The one” is a heady fragrance, from the floral-oriental family, with a modern touch of sensuality.

    A fragrance with a strong golden personality, very sweet.

    The “the one” woman is demanding, determined and competitive. She doesn’t wait for things to happen, she provokes them.

    Like a true diva, she is sensual, seductive and captivating.

    This 2014 limited edition The One will be available in 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum.

    Women’s Perfumes

    Olfactory Family: Oriental – Floral

    Top Notes: Mandarin, Bergamot, Lychee, Peach.

    Heart Notes: Jasmine, Lily, Lily of the Valley, Plum.

    Base notes: Vetiver, Amber, Musk.

    Find it at the best price at our perfume partner: The One – Fragrenza Perfumes as well as all Dolce & Gabanna brand products .

    Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue Discover Vulcano

    Dolce & Gabbana - Light Blue Discover Vulcano

    Dolce & Gabbana is launching a new fragrance called Light Blue Discover Vulcano…

    Light Blue Discover Vulcano

    Buy Dolce Gabbana’s Light Blue Discover Vulcano perfume inexpensively at your Fragrenza Perfumes online perfume store.

    For over 20 years, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have created a unique style through a provocative approach to fashion. The Dolce & Gabbana fashion house has become synonymous with luxury and glamor.

    Light Blue Pour Homme is designed for the Dolce & Gabbana man: sensual and modern, he likes to take care of himself and maintain his body through sport.

    Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme is characterized by its charm and sophisticated freshness.

    Light Blue Escape to Panarea Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana

    Vulcano is the most masculine island that gave its name to all the volcanoes. This Aeoleon Island is famous for its mud baths. The name of the island had been given by the Romans, and over the centuries the word volcano has become common in most modern languages. The Romans had used the island mainly for obtaining raw materials and harvesting timber

    The fragrance is composed of notes of Italian lemon and ginger, followed by middle notes of cypress and lavender, and base notes of vetiver and cedarwood.

    Men’s Perfumes

    Olfactory Family: Fresh – Woody

    Head Notes: Lemon, Ginger.

    Heart Notes: Cypress, Lavender.

    Base notes: Vetiver, Cedarwood.

    Find it at the best price at our perfume partner: Light Blue Homme – Fragrenza Perfumes as well as all Dolce & Gabanna brand products .

    Dolce & Gabbana – For Men

    Dolce & Gabbana - For Men

    Following the success of The One range from Dolce & Gabbana, the house unveils its new fragrance Dolce & Gabbana for Men.

    For Men Dolce & Gabbana

    Buy Dolce & Gabbana Perfume Pour Homme at a low price at Fragrenza Perfumes.

    This masculine fragrance is as unique as the image of Dolce & Gabbana: a mixture of real irony and relaxation with which every man can identify.

    Energizing, dynamic and powerful, Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme is a sassy fragrance that offers a strong personality to the wearer.

    Not to attract attention, but to be yourself.

    Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Orange, Neroli,,

    Men’s Perfume

    Olfactory Family: Aromatic

    Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Orange, Neroli.

    Heart Notes: Lemon, Lavender, Sage, Tarragon, Cardamom, Pepper, Sandalwood.

    Base Notes: Cedarwood, Tobacco, Iris, Tonka Bean, Musk, Cumarin.

    Find it at the best price at our perfume partner: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme – Fragrenza Perfumes, as well as all Dolce & Gabbana perfumes .

    Light blue sun for men dolce & gabbana

    Light blue sun for men dolce & gabbana
    Light blue sun for men dolce & gabbana

    Light Blue Sun for Men: summer before its time at Dolce & Gabbana!

    Inspired by its Mediterranean origins, the duo formed by Dolce & Gabbana decided to design the Light Blue fragrance in 2001. It was initially a fragrance exclusively reserved for women. It was not until 2007 that Dolce & Gabbana created its male counterpart, simply named Light Blue pour Homme. Nevertheless, since that day, reinterpretations of this essence have been going well, including Light Blue for Homme Eau Intense in 2017. He has already had ample opportunity to show us several facets of his personality. In 2019, it resurfaces once again and undoubtedly reveals its most solar and summer part. After the presentation of the Light Blue Sun perfume for women, focus on the new Light Blue Sun for Men.

    Light Blue Sun pour Homme, a juice similar to a hot summer day

    Light Blue Sun Perfumes for Men and Women Dolce & Gabbana
    Light Blue Sun Perfumes for Men and Women Dolce & Gabbana

    Light Blue Sun for Men is a fragrance that makes us want to vacation before our time. As its name suggests, as well as the vision of its bottle, with it, it’s all about sunshine, energy and cheerfulness. Light Blue Sun pour Homme offers us an enchanted break in the heart of Italy. In this case, to make this perfume, Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana have chosen to go back to their childhood memories. Light Blue Sun pour Homme evokes the postcard of a land surrounded by the waves of the Mediterranean: Sicily. So, how about flying with us to this destination? For that, nothing could be simpler… You just have to remove the cap of this new perfume!

    Light Blue Sun for Men, an exotic Mediterranean composition

    Light Blue Sun for Menis a fragrance that is both Mediterranean and exotic. Some of these ingredients are typical of the Italian basin, while others come from more distant lands. All have in common to evoke a typically solar energy is very summer. Light Blue Sun pour Homme starts off with a duo of grapefruit and bergamot. These citrus fruits are enriched with a more peppery and slightly soapy scent of ginger. An ozone accord refreshes everything and evokes the maritime breath. Then, the heart of Light Blue Sun pour Homme becomes aromatic. Rosemary occupies a central place here. It is accompanied by an apricot osmanthus and a more gourmet and milky coconut. Cedar and vetiver accentuate the masculinity of this composition. Finally, for more sensuality,

    When an orange glow comes in the bottle of Dolce & Gabbana

    On the bottle side, Light Blue Sun pour Homme preserves the shape of its predecessor. It is a glass flask with a solid and masculine seat, but with sensual and rounded curves. The initial blue hue of Light Blue pour Homme has faded in favor of a vibrant orange. The solar aspect of this fragrance also resurfaces from its golden cap. Everything is simply soaked in sunshine and synonymous with joie de vivre.

    The new Dolce & Gabbana fragrance: The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense

    The new Dolce & Gabbana fragrance: The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense
    The new Dolce & Gabbana fragrance: The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense

    The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense, Dolce & Gabbana signs the new fragrance of a coveted and admired woman

    Always very proud of its origins, the Dolce & Gabbana brand never ceases to draw inspiration from the natural beauty of Italian women and their indomitable charisma to make its perfumes. This is how the very first The One was conceived, in 2006, already reinvented many times, until giving birth to the new range The Only One, since 2018. Even today, history repeats itself and a new chapter in the saga opens. The spotlights once again illuminate the sensual beauty of the Dolce & Gabbana woman and reveal her unique fragrance: The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense.

    The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense, the essence of indomitable beauty

    Since 2018, the perfumed collection The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana has been embodied on screen by actress Émilia Clarke, best known for her role in the Game of Thrones saga. For Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, “Emilia perfectly embodies the Dolce & Gabbana woman: she is radiant and full of life. Her personality and natural beauty capture the essence of this new campaign: joyful, spontaneous and playful. She’s The One! “Enthuses the duo. However, that is precisely what it is about with the new The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense. This juice is for all women who like to be looked at, or rather admired. He immediately places the wearer in the spotlight. Her casual silhouette, her devastating eye, his head movements and his sparkling smile capsize the hearts of the crowds. The woman who wears The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense does not go unnoticed and appears to everyone as a captivating diva.

    The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense, the scent of solar sensuality

    The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense by Dolce & Gabbana first opens with a scent of Italian mandarin, associated with a crunchier green apple accord. Immediately, this incisive breath is illuminated with neroli, which opens the way to a more floral heart, composed of jasmine and orange blossom. The creamy coconut then envelops the whole in a more exotic and warm aura. This continues with an addition of vanilla. Finally, all the charisma of The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense woman blossoms in a woody base of cedar and cashmere.

    Dolce & Gabbana offers a new black lacquer to its iconic bottle

    Here, The Only One collection preserves its iconic bottle. On the other hand, for The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense, its bottle is tinted with a new particularly glamorous opaque black lacquer. A golden ring is also invited at the level of its collar, as if to recall the incredible refinement of this essence. The result is a very sculptural style, on which the name of the fragrance is displayed in gold, in cursive writing reminiscent of the perpetual movement of the female silhouette.

    Dolce Gabbana – Dolce Floral Drops

    Dolce Gabbana - Dolce Floral Drops
    Dolce Gabbana – Dolce Floral Drops

    In 2014, the famous Italian house Dolce & Gabbana launched the Dolce perfume . This was an ode to femininity and a tribute to Sicily. Its smell was light and airy without lacking in character. Also, given the success of this essence, the house Dolce & Gabbana decided to repeat the experience later and create an even more delicate variation. It is now called Dolce Floral Drops . Its scent is particularly floral and then becomes more feminine.

    The lightness desired by the house of Dolce & Gabbana

    By creating this perfume, the house of Dolce & Gabbana wanted to emphasize lightness. Therefore, Dolce Floral Eau de Toilette is absolutely nothing to behold. However, it does not fade as easily as fresh water and indeed deserves its name of perfume. Its start is with a particularly sweet and sun-kissed scent linked to the presence of neroli leaves. The latter are however enriched by the contribution of papaya flowers. Gluttony is then associated with freshness. Then, Dolce Floral continues its journey with a harmonious association of white water lilies and amaryllis. This flower from South Africa was a real signature for the Dolce perfume. Indeed, it was then for the first time used in perfumery. Logically, it therefore takes back its notorious place at the heart of this new essence Dolce Floral Drops. However, for the occasion, white daffodils have given way to daffodils. The lightness is then further accentuated. Finally, Dolce Floral ends with a very balanced floral signature accompanied by light musky tones. In this case, we find cashmere wood as well as sandalwood. The result is very sensual and somewhat enveloping. With the new Dolce Floral, everything goes smoothly. In this case, we find cashmere wood as well as sandalwood. The result is very sensual and somewhat enveloping. With the new Dolce Floral, everything goes smoothly. In this case, we find cashmere wood as well as sandalwood. The result is very sensual and somewhat enveloping. With the new Dolce Floral, everything goes smoothly.

    The resolutely Italian bottle of Dolce Floral Drops

    Dolce Floral Drops Pub
    Dolce Floral Drops Pub

    Concerning the bottle of the Dolce Floral perfume, there too, we are delighted to find many elements already present in its elder. Indeed, it retains the shape of its predecessor. It is designed in thick glass with slightly curved shapes reminiscent of the curves of a female silhouette. However, its once perfectly transparent glass becomes, for the occasion, somewhat frosted. However, it still hints at the green tint of the Dolce Floral Drops fragrance. Thus, it immediately lets guess the floral aspect of its scent. In addition, it retains its iconic cabochon. This takes the form of a white flower reminiscent of the marzipan decorations made by traditional Sicilian pastry chefs. Indeed, with Dolce & Gabbana Italy is still omnipresent and tributes to their country of origin multiply. Finally, the bottle of Dolce Floral is further enhanced by a black grosgrain bow tied at its collar. This refers to the house’s bow ties, which used to accessorize Dolce & Gabbana shirts from the very first collections. The bottle of Dolce Floral is particularly worked. In short, it is the image of the very refined perfume it contains.