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New perfume Souffle de Soie Dior


New perfume Souffle de Soie Dior
New perfume Souffle de Soie Dior

Souffle de Soie by Dior, a symbol of femininity

Dior presents its Private Collection as “A collection of rare, authentic and refined fragrances, for men and women alike, made from noble raw materials, rigorously selected. ” All is said ! This noble and authentic blend of perfumes saw the light of day in 2004. Today, Dior has decided to enlarge this great family and François Demachy has therefore worked on the development of new juices to compose it. From this ambition was born the perfume Souffle de Soie.

The Private Collection, a digest of refinement

The Private Collection fits perfectly with the image we have of the Dior brand . Nothing seems too good to make these fragrances, and François Demachy does not hesitate to conquer the most refined and fragrant raw materials in the world to develop these insanely luxurious juices. He himself selects products from around the world, and integrates them into short formulas, going to the essentials and offering a captivating fragrance. The essences of the Private Collection of Dior are then made in an artisanal way, in the purest respect of the tradition. They give off a modern and authentic scent and share with us part of Dior’s heritage.

Souffle de Soie by Dior, a very floral fragrance

If all the fragrances in the Dior Private Collection are aimed at men and women, it must be recognized that Souffle de Soie is a true compendium of femininity. Indeed, it brings together the three most emblematic flowers of women’s perfumery . Souffle de Soie combines the opulence of jasmine, the romanticism of rose and the spring lightness of tuberose. What’s more, it is revealed in an elegant pink-colored juice that speaks volumes about its poetry and sweetness.

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