New fragrance L’Eau d’Armoise Serge Lutens


New fragrance L'Eau Armoise Serge Lutens
New fragrance L’Eau Armoise Serge Lutens

L’Eau d’Armoise, a new purifying fragrance from Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens is one of the most surprising perfumers on the planet. An accomplished creator, he lets himself be guided only by his creative limit and does not impose any technical constraints on himself. For him, only the imagination and the surprise he creates in your nostrils with each of his new innovations matter. Serge Lutens works in total autonomy and has to his credit many collections of perfumes, each more luxurious than the next. Serge Lutens never neglects the quality of his raw materials and associates them with a singular vision. Even today, he creates surprises by making a very aromatic perfume, intended for both men and women: L’Eau d’Armoise.

When mugwort becomes the center of a perfume

Mugwort is an aromatic plant with a very unusual scent. Therefore, it is often used as a background in perfumes. Only Serge Lutens was thus able to make it the center of his composition! Mugwort is a herbaceous ingredient, at the same time fresh, bitter and camphorated. Generally, mugwort is integrated into perfumes for men because of its virile character. However, here, L’Eau d’Armoise is a mixed fragrance intended for both men and women. As the quote that accompanies this new essence suggests, L’Eau d’Armoise can be either wise or more spirited. Serge Lutens affirms it: “to arise or to disappear, everything in its hour”.

The sacred scope of L’Eau d’Armoise

Eau d’Armoise is presented to us in an infinitely luxurious bottle, forming a glass cube with facets sculpted like jewels. Taking on the appearance of an apothecary’s vial, this bottle nevertheless hides a precious liquid. Mugwort has always been associated with purification rituals. In the Far East, its purifying virtues are very famous and mugwort is even consumed in broth during certain rituals. Mugwort figurines also protect the door of houses. Its Latin name, Artémisia, comes from the goddess Artemis, protector of pregnant women and the sick. Pour a little and L’Eau d’Armoise would almost become a sacred perfume!

A fragrance from the Eaux de Polroits collection

It should also be noted that this notion of purity is by no means a coincidence… In addition, L’Eau d’Armoise comes from the Eaux de Polroits collection, an assortment already comprising six different essences. However, this was born from a simple sentence uttered by Serge Lutens in 2010: “Luxury begins with cleanliness” he said. From these few words launched a few years earlier, he gave birth to an assortment of fresh and airy scents. With L’Eau d’Armoise , as with the other Eaux de Politées, the perfume is devoid of all superfluous and it is as if rid of its heady side. From then on, it becomes more aerial and volatile, without losing any of its tenacity. It is then more appreciable, especially on hot summer days.

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