New Filorga night cream: Sleep & Lift


New Filorga night cream: Sleep & Lift
New Filorga night cream: Sleep & Lift

Filorga Sleep & Lift Night Cream, an exceptional youth care

During the day, your skin has to deal with a multitude of attacks. Its main role is to protect itself. On the other hand, at night, it takes advantage of a lull to regenerate. It is at this moment that she is full of energy and hydration and that her cells are in full effervescence. This is why, to help him in this task, it is essential to apply a specific cream. Night treatments work real miracles and act as particularly powerful anti-aging agents. Focus on Filorga Sleep & Lift Night Cream .

The creamy texture of the Sleep & Lift Night Cream

First of all, know that the Sleep & Lift Night Cream is very popular for its texture. It is a particularly enveloping sensory balm, the aim of which is to bring nutrition and comfort to the face. Therefore, it soothes the tightness and discomfort that sometimes occur at the end of the day. With the Sleep & Lift Night Cream, you will no longer suffer from minor irritations and your face will be embalmed with a delicate veil of silk.

The double effectiveness of Filorga Sleep & Lift Night Cream

In addition to its texture, the Sleep & Lift Night Cream acts on two simultaneous actions. First of all, it has a lifting effect. For this, it contains hyaluronic acid and collagen. These two ingredients allow it to tighten the facial features and plump the skin. They sculpt the volumes of your face and immediately make you look younger. At the same time, the Sleep & Lift Night Cream has a redensifying action and allows your skin surface to recover better. Amino acids help it to regenerate and give it more elasticity and density.

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