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New at Lacoste: a L’Homme Lacoste box set


New at Lacoste: a L'Homme Lacoste box set

L’Homme Lacoste, the legacy of René Lacoste in a box

L’Homme Lacoste is a perfume that was created in the image of René Lacoste himself. He is a concentrate of determination and tenacity. It thus celebrates two essential qualities in sport. This fragrance is intended for a man endowed with a natural confidence, an elegance worthy of a gentleman and an indisputable audacity. L’Homme Lacoste is a woody and vibrant juice that is now available in a box to accompany the man in each of his movements.

The woody and lively breath of the new L’Homme Lacoste fragrance

In the L’Homme Lacoste box set, this new fragrance is delivered to us in a 100 ml spray bottle. It opens with very dynamic and fresh top notes of mandarin and orange. Quince and rhubarb immediately give it a more gourmet and vegetal scent. Then, its energy gains in intensity and vibrates in contact with the spices. L’Homme Lacoste then contains black pepper and ginger. The clarity and elegance of this fragrance are underlined by a duo of jasmine and almond. Finally, its background becomes more masculine. It gains depth in a duo of cedar and Akigala wood. Its carnal aspect, meanwhile, comes from vanilla, amber and musk.

The little extra of the L’Homme Lacoste box

The Lacoste Man is presented to us in an elegant navy blue box . The house crocodile proudly stands on its front face in a silver color. For the occasion, L’Homme Lacoste perfume is then accompanied by its shower gel, enough to coat your entire body with the energizing breath of L’Homme Lacoste.

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