Marc Jacobs – Daisy


Marc Jacobs - Daisy - Bottle
Marc Jacobs – Daisy – Bottle

Daisy opens the doors to a world where freedom and purity go hand in hand.

Daisy captures the casual charm of the “MARC BY MARC JACOBS” line and also reflects the sophistication and elegance of the ” MARC JACOBS ” line.

Daisy Marc Jacobs – Perfume:

Marc Jacobs - Daisy - Pub
Marc Jacobs – Daisy – Pub

Daisy Eau de Toilette is all about freshness, femininity and mischievous innocence. She’s sophisticated but doesn’t take herself seriously. It is sparkling and full of allure, in all simplicity. Daisy is a playful and refreshing floral bouquet, coiled in cozy comfort.

The notes of the fragrance harmonize around violet, a refined and vintage choice, full of fantasy. The character of the violet reflects the contemporary and eclectic image of each Marc Jacobs creation. Daisy opens with the natural, heady freshness of wild strawberries, pink grapefruit and violet leaves. The heart of violet petals, jasmine and gardenia form a very current velvety and luminous whole. The trail of musk, an infusion of vanilla and white wood sublimates this balance of softness and sensuality.
A fragrance signed by Alberto Morillas.

Daisy Marc Jacobs – Bottle:

Marc Jacobs - Daisy - Pub
Marc Jacobs – Daisy – Pub

Through its design, daisy combines sophistication and vintage charm, with a touch of irreverence.

The bottle is a luxurious cube of glass with soft angles that accentuate its femininity.

This game of smooth and rounded surfaces exudes purity and sensuality. Full of life and humor, the bottle is enhanced with three white and gold daisies blooming on the golden cabochon.

These flowers of different sizes, with vinyl petals, are soft to the touch and bring a retro touch.

Each daisy has a small gold metal motif at its heart: the marc jacobs signature.

Daisy is presented in a case that expresses the very chic of Marc Jacobs: in filigree on a black background, delicate white and gold daisies still reveal the thoroughness.

The design is signed WILHELM LIDEN.

Daisy Marc Jacobs – Complementary Line:

Marc Jacobs - Daisy - The Complete Line
Marc Jacobs – Daisy – The Complete Line
  • Eau de Toilette : a floral, fresh and feminine fragrance with a touch of fantasy. A very current vintage, expression of a
    natural charm . Available in 50 ml and 100 ml spray.
  • Luminous Body Milk: texture created to leave the skin soft, regenerated and delicately scented.
  • Foaming Shower Gel: rich and soothing, this foaming gel refreshes and cares for the skin, leaving it subtly scented.

Also discover the masculine scents Marc Jacobs , Daisy Eau So Fresh and Daisy Hot Pink .

Woman Perfume

Olfactory Family: Floral – Woody Musk

Top Notes: Violet Leaves, Wild Strawberry, Grapefruit.

Notes de coeur : Violette, Jasmin, Gardénia.

Notes de fond : Bois Blanc, Musc, Vanille.

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