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Lost Cherry evokes strong feelings 


“We were sixteen at the time, and we’d arrived at Baby’s table dancin’ at the local hole, cheerin’ our names in the pink spotlight,”
I was sipping cherry schnapps as the night was as soft as silk. ”
“This Is What Makes Us Girls,”

One of my favorite parts of music and smell is how they can create time capsules in our brains. This implies that if you hear or smell any “blast from the past” in the future, you will be psychologically transported back to the time and location you will permanently connect it. This is one of the reasons I appreciate both of these activities so much.

The song “This Is What Makes Us Girls” and the smell of Lost Cherry perfume take me back to a time in my life when I was about to become an adult. When it seemed like anything might happen, and nothing was off limits. In 1996, when I was 16, I was aware of the impact I might have on a male. This awareness occurs at a moment in every girl’s life when she understands she has become visible to the other sex. Even if we seem to be living in a different period (in terms of relationships between boys and girls), every female comes to this understanding at some point in her life. If I played my cards correctly, push-up bras, make-up, low-cut tighter-fitting clothing, a knowing smile, and “accidentally” brushing up against a guy might have them eating out of the palm of my hand.

I was not alone. I moved in with a couple of girls who were all my age. We were a tribe of burgeoning vixens, ready to use our newly developed sexuality as the weapon we were discovering it might become. We were learning what it might become. We were still coming out of our adolescent years, so we staggered about in our incredibly high heels, all of us being cautious not to be annoying as we learned to negotiate the new world of seduction. But it’s only natural that we make mistakes from time to time. There were moments when our hearts were shattered, when we made bad decisions, when we acted ridiculously, and when it seemed inevitable that the night would end with at least one of us passed out, drunk, on the ground or a bench, crying:

“There she was, my fresh new best friend,” I said.
She was wearing a pair of high heels that swayed in the wind.
“Lana, how I despise those people,” she says to Lana as she starts to cry and mascara drips down her little Bambi eyes.
They claim that this is what separates females from males.

Lost Cherry, in my view, is more than just a perfume that one may use to make oneself smell nice. The scent starts to build as soon as you spray it on your wrist, flowing through ebbs and flows and varying in character from one moment to the next. You first notice a rich, almost medicinally alcoholic cherry liqueur. These are the alcoholic drinks we would drink at home to start our night out at the bars and clubs. Then there’s a note that’s more almond-like with a flowery undertone. This note reminds me of pan stick, drugstore face powder, and the smells we used to soak ourselves before going out to seem sophisticated.

The whole scenario then starts to produce an intoxicating stench. That heady mix of whiskey, maraschino cherries, lipstick, perfume, and a smidge (At the time, my closest friend and I both loved the smell of cigarette and cigar smoke on a guy, especially when mixed with the scent of brandy, rum, or whiskey.) However, the mustiness starts to show itself at this point. Not too much, but just enough to conjure up images of people making out in the back bar while pressed up against each other. Get your coat. You’ve been pulled!

I get a rubbery finish from “Lost Cherry,’ and I can’t help but think it’s Tom Ford’s knowing, eyebrow-raising sense of humor. As the aroma starts to calm down and settle, I detect a rubber note from ‘Lost Cherry.’ Because any sensible young girl on the draw must be aware that the loss of one’s cherry should result in the employment of a rubber, hehe! I am convinced that TF created this smell with the notion of sexual growth. I don’t believe he merely wanted to make a cherry fragrance and selected the name because it was controversial. The whole performance of “Lost Cherry” is a vivid remembrance of what it was like to be young, intense, delightfully seductive, and crossing the Rubicon. In other words, it acts as a memory of what it was like to leave the domain of virginity and enter the sphere of adulthood.

When you’re young and think you know all there is to know about the world, you must put yourself out there and learn the hard way. You can only accomplish this by going through it yourself. The song “Lost Cherry” evokes many deep recollections and feelings from that time. That one time when a group of my friends and I found we were the newest up-and-coming “hot commodity” on the dating market, we were determined to do all in our power to make it work on our terms. After a year, we could look back on our first foray into adulthood with some embarrassment and wistfulness that, even though it had only been a year, made us understand that we could never return to that position.

Those friendships faded with time. Some moved away, some went to college, others married, and others had families. But I’ll never forget those heady days of finally feeling like an “adult” and dabbling in grown-up relationships for the first time. Those were the days that I will never forget. With his fragrance ‘Lost Cherry,’ Tom Ford has created a time machine, at least for me, and I am thankful to him for creating such a beautiful and enjoyable aroma that does more for me than simply smell lovely while it is on my wrist. It meets the same standards as other well-known perfumes. It affects how one feels. And for that, Mr. Ford, please accept my heartfelt thanks.

“It was the most gorgeous crowd you’d ever seen,” she added, “with ribbons in our hair and mean glances in our eyes.”
a group of young ladies who have devolved into beauty queens
And you’re aware of something, aren’t you?
They were my only buddies, and we got into some trouble together, and when things got very nasty, I was taken away. I recall sobbing as I bid farewell to my only pals at the train station, knowing I’d never see them again.
This is what distinguishes us from the guys.


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