Live, synonyme de renouveau pour la maison Lacoste


Live, synonymous with renewal for the Maison Lacoste
Live, synonymous with renewal for the Maison Lacoste

Lacoste Live is a brand new fragrance from Lacoste echoing the eponymous clothing collection. This scent is particularly urban. Its scent is very fresh, refined and punchy. In short, it is perfectly anchored in the spirit of the times. Likewise, its cubic bottle does not go unnoticed. With this essence, Lacoste manages to breathe new life into the brand. Also, this Eau de Toilette is as well designed to appeal to sportsmen as to urban men always on the move!

The modernized universe of Lacoste

Lacoste Live therefore bears the name of a collection of clothing from Lacoste , known for being creative and colorful. These are resolutely modern and authentic. However, they remain faithful to the values ​​of Lacoste and then take over the sporting world to bring it up to date. This collection immediately seduced the creative minds and Lacoste therefore decided to publish a perfume in this image. The latter has boundless energy and expresses his own style.

He stands out and takes his own path with ever more originality. It then offers new perspectives and lets us believe that anything is now possible. What is more, it expresses a feeling of joy and happiness and gives off a surge of optimism. In addition, Lacoste Live is a sticky essence quite in the image of a dynamic man who loves originality. Also, the latter only becomes more surprising and therefore all the more seductive.

Lacoste Live, an energizing and creative composition

Lacoste Live marvelously combines three facets of his personality: he is energetic, creative and fresh. Also, from these aspects, this perfume immediately gives off a feeling of perpetual movement. With him, emotions follow one another as the ingredients are revealed. The lime appears from the first moments, delivering all its dynamism and its very fresh appearance. Lacoste Live awakens the senses and it claims it! Its heart, meanwhile, is made up of green leaves and aquatic notes. Finally, the background is warmer.

L’odeur du bois de gaïac originaire d’Amérique du Sud apporte un aspect légèrement fumé. De plus, l’apport de réglisse noir est très audacieux et confère une élégance alliée à une pointe d’originalité à cet ensemble. De même, son flacon est très stylisé et décalé. Il adopte la forme d’un cube et est très contemporain. Son esthétisme et ses couleurs primaires forment un point de départ idéal pour les esprits créatifs. Par ailleurs, il est doté d’un subtil jeu de matières. Lacoste Live oppose la solidité brute du verre à la souplesse plus moderne du plastique. Lacoste Live dépose un regard nouveau sur la parfumerie et en devient même amusant.

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