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Lancôme Tonique Pure Focus Lotion


Lancôme Tonique Pure Focus Lotion
Lancôme Tonique Pure Focus Lotion

Founded in 1935, the Lancôme house sublimates the beauty of each woman. Lancôme selects the most beautiful nature offers us, in order to offer skincare and cosmetics that celebrate women, again and again. The Lancôme brand is today one of the most famous luxury brands in the world. Its know-how and the high quality of its products are acclaimed everywhere. Between care, make-up and perfumes, the Lancôme house has succeeded in establishing itself as an essential French brand. Here, Lancôme presents its “Tonique Pure Focus Lotion”.

All the benefits of Pure Focus Tonic Lotion, plus the freshness of Lancôme

Lancôme “Pure Focus Tonic Lotion” is a purifying mattifying lotion for oily skin. The “Pure Focus Tonic” is the final touch of your make-up removal. It tones and purifies the skin, erases the last traces of makeup while freeing the pores of all its impurities. It mattifies the skin by absorbing excess sebum and avoids the risk of shine. Your skin is clear and ultra fresh, ready to receive the usual care. Day after day, your skin breathes, it is naturally beautiful. Your pure skin even up close. Lancôme “Tonique Pure Focus Lotion” contains an aqueous phase which purifies and tightens the pores, as well as a powdery phase which mattifies the skin and leaves a uniform complexion. Combined with a cocktail of purifying active ingredients, your Lancôme tonic controls the harmful effects of sebum on your skin,

Lancôme Tonique Pure Focus Lotion, usage tips

Tonique Pure Focus Lotion is used on perfectly cleansed skin before applying the “Pure Focus Fluid”. It is also applied every evening, after your make-up removal, in order to perfect it and remove the last impurities of the day. Lancôme tonic for oily skin is contained in a light blue 200 ml bottle.

Lancôme “Tonique Pure Focus Lotion” is a lotion for oily skin. The ultimate gesture of your make-up removal, it removes the last impurities while bringing a wave of freshness.

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