Lancôme Comfort Cleansing Foam Cream


Lancôme Comfort Cleansing Foam Cream
Lancôme Comfort Cleansing Foam Cream

Founded in 1935, the Lancôme brand has the rose for its emblem. When we ask Armand Petitjean why he created the Lancôme house, he affirms “I had the opportunity to observe that the French counted less and less in the field of beauty products . Two American houses had taken control not only of the American market, but of the world market. I thought that a French house had to be placed next to American houses… ”. 8 decades later, the Lancôme Institute, still located rue du Faubourg-St-Honoré, is now spread over two floors and still stands out as the temple of French beauty. Here, Lancôme unveils its “Comfort Cleansing Foam Cream”.

Lancôme Comfort Cleansing Mousse Cream, its action and benefits

Lancôme Comfort cream-mousse is a mousse cream for dry skin. Your cream-mousse is considered a divine make-up remover for delicate skin. Thanks to its very soft foam formula, dry skin is finally entitled to the pleasure of make-up removal as well as that of water. This rich and precious foam cleanses deeply and with optimal comfort. Lancôme “Comfort Cleansing Mousse Cream” is composed of white lotus, French rose and muscat rose oil for a perfect affinity with your skin. Your skin will then be hydrated and perfectly cleansed.

Lancôme Comfort Cleansing Foam Cream, instructions for use

You can use your cream-mousse daily, morning and evening. First, moisten your face with water. Then distribute your make-up remover with your fingers over your entire damp face, by light strokes from the inside to the outside, avoiding the eye area. The cleaning is done in small circular movements over your entire face, with particular emphasis on the middle area. Finally, rinse with water.

Lancôme Crème Mousse Confort Démaquillante is a creamy make-up remover specially designed for dry skin. Thanks to its rich and creamy foam, your face is not only free of all impurities, but your skin is luminous and perfectly hydrated.

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