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La Vie est Belle Perfume Milk


La Vie est Belle Perfume Milk
La Vie est Belle Perfume Milk

La Vie Est Belle Lait de Perfume, when skincare and perfumery become one

Among the large family of Lancôme perfumes, La Vie Est Belle is today the most famous . This is not just a scent. It is a conviction, a declaration of love for women. He encourages them to free themselves from the worries of everyday life and to wear the most beautiful of smiles as if to better enjoy life. Also, to always sublimate its customers a little more, Lancôme has decided to match its sumptuous fragrance with a Nutritive Lait de Parfum. Focus on the benefits of this protective and intoxicating treatment.

Royal jelly at the heart of the new Lancôme treatment

The new La Vie Est Belle Lait de Parfum contains all of the Lancôme brand’s skincare expertise. Here, she has chosen to use royal jelly. Indeed, this substance naturally produced by bees is rich in vitamin B, trace elements and minerals. Thus, it makes the skin durably softer and hydrated. Likewise, it helps fight against aging of the epidermis and is an excellent supplement for dry skin. Thanks to Lait de Parfum La Vie Est Belle, your body could become as soft as honey! After all, it is not without reason if the queen bee, fed exclusively on this product, lives 40 to 50 times longer than its other congeners …

The many advantages of La Vie Est Belle Perfume Milk

La Vie Est Belle Perfume Milk is a real daily delight. It takes care of your skin and is applied immediately after a shower, just like your usual skin care product. This has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for all skin types for daily use. What’s more, note that its formula has been enriched with the iconic scent of La Vie Est Belle perfume.

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