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Kenzoki – Moisturizing Lotion with Melting Heart


Kenzoki - Moisturizing Lotion with Melting Heart

Discover Kenzoki’s Moisturizing Lotion with Melting Heart …

Moisturizing Lotion with Melting Heart

Buy Kenzoki Melting Heart Moisturizing Lotion inexpensively at your Fragrenza Perfumes online perfume store .

The essential for thirsty skin !

Kenzoki Moisturizing Heart Lotion

Moisturize: the first beauty step for pretty skin! This creamy moisturizing lotion is bursting with hot active ingredients to deeply hydrate the skin. It diffuses water into our skin and traps it in the epidermis. The skin is hydrated, soothed. A real bath of fresh air.

A texture of a shivering freshness which melts gently on the skin… mmh what a delight!

Find it at the best price with our care partner: Moisturizing Lotion with Fondant Heart Fragrenza Perfumes as well as all Kenzoki brand products .

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