Jean-Paul Gaultier’s boyfriend is heading for the new advertisement for Le Mâle Le Parfum!


Jean-Paul Gaultier's boyfriend is heading for the new advertisement for Le Mâle Le Parfum!
Jean-Paul Gaultier’s boyfriend is heading for the new advertisement for Le Mâle Le Parfum!

With its eternal marinière, the Le Mâle perfume by Jean-Paul Gaultier stands out from all other fragrances and has not ceased to be talked about for several decades now. Shaking up the codes, this juice remains one of the most popular essences for men on the planet and continues to reinvent itself year after year. Once again, in 2020, he reveals a new face of his personality. This is how it becomes Le Mâle Le Perfume, in a more intense, woody and oriental edition. On the aesthetic side, the blue striped sweater swaps its place for an elegant black enhanced with a few touches of gold. In addition, there is also a brand new advertisement that we are eager to share with you!

The new virile line of the Male Le Parfum by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Le Mâle Le Parfum by Jean-Paul Gaultier is a new fragrance designed in the image of the creator himself, both exuberant and elegant while being innovative but retro. Forget the old sailor and make way for a new, more confident captain! Handsome, strong and sexy, Le Mâle is now fully aware of his strengths and does not hesitate to expose his natural charisma for all to see. On this occasion, his bottle is transformed. It is still a glass bust with a muscular stature. However, the blue striped sweater has disappeared. Completely black, it is displayed in a set of matt and shiny textures. Jean-Paul Gaultier’s vaporizer, meanwhile, turns golden. For a little and one would almost believe that the sailor suddenly put on his evening dress!

Advertising for Le Mâle Le Parfum by Jean-Paul Gaultier

On the advertising side, the film for Le Mâle Le Parfum is still played on the title of the classic opera La Norma de Casta Diva. Thus, this perfume does not shy away from its belonging to the great Jean-Paul Gaultier family. A new male muse is here in the spotlight. Infinitely sexy and athletic, the young man evolves in a still very maritime setting. The advertisement begins with the vision of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s liner, entering a port surrounded by two lighthouses, designed as gigantic replicas of the Male and Classic bottles. As the sailors bustle about the harbor, the song of a siren echoes in the distance. It comes from the top of the lighthouse. The muse of Male Le Parfum cannot resist this call and does not hesitate to join forces to join the pretty blonde creature in question. Rising as quickly as possible to the top of the lighthouse steps, he joins her and exchanges a frenzied kiss with her. This advertisement is as glamorous as it is poetic, highlighting the lives of sailors who dock from port to port.

The powerful scent of Le Parfum Male

Therefore, all we have to do is get drunk with the scent of this new juice. The whole is based on oriental and woody accords. Ultra masculine, this essence soars on a lively wind coming from cardamom. Its heart, meanwhile, combines lavender and iris, for a floral and powdery concentrate. Little by little, everything becomes more sensual and vanilla.

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