Iris of Syracuse, the Sicilian flavor of Boucheron


Iris of Syracuse, the Sicilian flavor of Boucheron
Iris of Syracuse, the Sicilian flavor of Boucheron

Boucheron is a brand that was created in 1858 by Frédéric Boucheron. A daring and visionary character , he has always been in search of excellence and innovation. Thus, he himself set out in search of the noblest precious stones on the planet. Thus, he traveled thousands of kilometers in order to unearth exceptional stones to sublimate the necks of the greatest fortunes on the planet with his luxurious adornments. As if to pay tribute to his numerous trips around the globe, Boucheron has decided to develop a collection of mixed fragrances dedicated to emblematic places. This is how Iris of Syracuse was born.

Welcome to Sicily, in the heart of Syracuse

Syracuse is an Italian city located on the south-eastern coast of Sicily. Cicero once spoke of this place as the largest and most beautiful Greek city. Its historic center is absolutely fascinating and is worth moreover in Syracuse to be classified with the world heritage of Unesco. The timelessness of this place is absolutely striking. Indeed, even if it now has modern monuments, many ancient ruins dot the city. How not to be fascinated by its mythological fountains, its Greek theater, its temple of Apollo or that of Athena? Syracuse is an almost divine symbol of nobility and it is precisely this prestigious aura that we find in the perfume Iris of Syracuse.

The fruity and floral recipe of Iris of Syracuse

It is a woman who was entrusted with the realization of this perfume. Indeed, Iris de Syracuse was produced by perfumer Nathalie Lorson. Its invigorating start combines the citrus facet of mandarin with the fruity and juicy taste of pear. The pepper, meanwhile, comes to raise the impertinence of this flight. Then, the plants decorate this composition with nobility and femininity. In addition, the iris settles in the heart of this perfume while associating with the opulence of jasmine and the poetry of heliotrope. Finally, the whole becomes little by little more enveloping. Iris de Syracuse ends with a trio of patchouli, vanilla and white musk. The result is a vibrant and elegant fragrance, a subtle vibration that is both juicy and contrasting.

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