Guy Laroche’s Drakkar Noir essence and its electrifying box


Guy Laroche's Drakkar Noir essence and its electrifying box
Guy Laroche’s Drakkar Noir essence and its electrifying box

Guy Laroche’s Drakkar Noir returns in an electrifying box

Drakkar Noir is a perfume with international notoriety that we no longer present. A great classic of men’s perfumery, it embodies seduction and the power of virility. The man who wears it likes to be noticed and is endowed with an indomitable charisma. Drakkar Noir is a juice filled with paradoxes which is at the same time determined but not devoid of a dose of tenderness. It symbolizes power, wild masculinity and serenity. Drakkar Noir is the scent of a charming and disarming man, not devoid of a touch of arrogance and a hint of insolence. Today, his sweet violence returns in a box for the less electrifying.

The aromatic scent of Drakkar Noir

Drakkar Noir is a true olfactory reference . It is a particularly powerful and explosive juice that begins with the intensity of lemon, verbena and mint. Its heart, meanwhile, becomes more aromatic. It contains basil, rosemary and lavender, a star ingredient in men’s perfumery. Then, this structure is further completed by a herbal and spicy accord. Drakkar Noir contains juniper berry, coriander, angelica and wormwood. Finally, it ends with a more woody and masculine trail of cedar, patchouli, oak moss and fir basalm.

Guy Laroche sublimates his box with a violent storm

Guy Laroche presents us this time his cult perfume in an electrifying box to say the least. Entirely covered with lightning on a black background, it reveals three fragrances from the range in an elegant red case. The Drakkar Noir set contains the eponymous perfume in a 100 ml spray bottle accompanied, as a gift, by its shower gel and deodorant.

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