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Zeitgeist Eau de Parfum

Zeitgeist Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by J.F. Schwarzlose. The notes of this fragrance are Amber Xtreme, Peru balsam, Calone, seaweed, Nebulone, Edelonide, Leatherwood


Think all modern marine fragrances rely too heavily on the melon sweetness of Calone? Try Zeitgeist. It’s the rare marine fragrance that, although composed of a long list of laboratory molecules, pulls off the feat of smelling utterly natural. If you love the collected smells caught in your sweater after a walk on a cold beach ? ozone, salt, minerals, and the faint musk of warm skin ? then this fragrance is for you.
Structured around the salty glitter of ambergris and the damp, almost fruity greenness of seaweed, Zeitgeist works beautifully on both girls and boys who love the Great Outdoors. The scent gains lift through a complex arrangement of musks, infusing the structure with space and air, and making it a feather-light wear. Warmed through from the base with a golden nugget of spicy Peru balsam and dusty woods, there is an exquisite balance between the briny wetness of the ocean and the dryness of driftwood. Zeitgeist is a subtly sexy fragrance for summer that makes us hear the roar of the ocean even when we’re stuck inside.

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