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White Zagora Eau de Toilette

White Zagora Eau de Toilette is a fragrance by The Different Company. The notes of this fragrance are Neroli, citron, bergamot, orange blossom, peach blossom, tuberose, osmanthus, white musk, amber


Vibrantly fresh, dynamically fruity, White Zagora is a zesty bolt of peach-infused sunshine from The Different Company’s L’Espirit collection. Described as a “sensual oriental” fragrance, White Zagora certainly packs enough spicy floral and amber punch to meet the strict definition, but check your expectations of heaviness at the door- this is the oriental as ethereal, as bright, crisp and easy-to-wear as any fruity-floral we’ve ever smelled.
White Zagora begins with an eye-opening zing of bergamot and citron, quickly smoothed out with a blissful heart of white florals and succulent peach blossom. Creamy osmanthus adds mouthwatering depth, while delicate, surprisingly cool amber and clean white musk keep the fruity floral tones alive for hours. Some fragrances overwhelm with layers within layers of complexity and challenge, while others stun with a simple ability to smell incredible without ever seeming dumbed down or commercial. White Zagora, with its wonderfully straightforward irresponsibility, is just that- simply marvelous.

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