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Rahat Loukhoum Eau de Parfum

Rahat Loukhoum Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Serge Lutens. The notes of this fragrance are Aldehydes, almond, cherry, hawthorn, rose, heliotrope, white honey, vanilla, tonka bean, balsam, musk


Not truly loukhoum, with its rosy gelatin texture, but rather freshly baked pasticche di mandrel, those bone-white, chewy little almond cookies sold everywhere in Rome. If you’ve ever tried them, then you’ll know that they are not as tooth-achingly sweet as they appear, the bitterness of cherry pit cutting through the thick dusting of confectioner’s sugar. It’s that balance of bitter and sweet that makes you dip greedily into the bag again and again.
And so it is with Rahat Loukoum. The sweet honey, almonds, and creamy vanilla are glossed with just enough bitter cherries, hawthorn, and balsams to stop you from putting your wrist in your mouth. The base, surprisingly resinous, exerts firm control over the sweet, fluffy heliotrope, and walks the fragrance straight down the line of edible-inedible. Rahat Loukoum is that rare scent is that is far from your average gourmand– though with Serge Lutens’ pedigree, we’re guessing you already knew that.
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