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Perfumista Eau de Parfum

Perfumista Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Anatole Lebreton. The notes of this fragrance are Pear, plum, raspberry, jasmine, rose, cedar, peru balsam, musk, Mousse de Saxe accord


In a world where artistry is ever more commoditized and luxury so often conflated with price, individuality is the rarest treasure- the “luxury of being yourself.” That’s the promise of Perfumista, a fruity, woody floral beauty that evokes some of the grand feminine chypres of years past, yet glows with the unique loveliness that infuses all of Anatole Lebreton’s creations. It’s also a love letter to the independent fragrance community, many of whom helped wear and refine the fragrance over the course of its development. Utilizing some of the most exquisite materials yet seen in his scents- Bulgarian rose oil, Indian jasmine absolute, and a vintage “Mousse de Saxe” accord in the base (dark, sweet, powdered, and mossy), Perfumista provides a surfeit of complementary olfactive textures that fit together with elegant comfort. The effect is a scent both nostalgic and forward-looking, a true original for, of, and by true fragrance lovers. If that describes you, what better scent could there be than one called Perfumista?

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