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Macaque Eau de Parfum

Macaque Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Zoologist. The notes of this fragrance are Cedar, green apple, red mandarin, frankincense, galbanum, honey, rosewood, ylang, jasmine tea, cedarmoss, green tea, white oud, musk


Macaque, that most playful of primates, starts with a bit of mischief. Tangy, off-sweet mandarin and green apple run smack into a startlingly vibrant galbanum that picks them up and shakes them by the scruff. But before the galbanum can get the upper hand, the fruit is bolstered by grassy green and jasmine teas and a rather serious cedar, which calms the bite of the galbanum. At this stage, Macaque seems to be an on its way to becoming an eccentrically fetching green perfume. But what happens next makes Macaque a true original.
The vivid fruit and green notes spread out, becoming less opaque, as ceremonial aromas of smoky incense and oud start to rise. Macaque transforms from impish volley between tree fruit and vegetation to a dialogue between the contemplative and spiritual and the primal. In the dry-down, mossy and woody aromas meld with the bright notes of Macaque’s opening, creating an interplay of wildness and meditative that is as provocative as it is soothing.

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