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Lalique Eau de Parfum by Lalique Lalique

Lalique Eau de Parfum by Lalique Lalique is a 1992 Floral Woody Fruity Perfume by Lalique for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Max Gavarry . Top notes are Mandarin, Aldehydes, Bergamot. Middle notes are Pink, Orange Blossom, Green note. Base notes are Vanilla, White musks.


Lalique by Lalique, the brand’s essential line

It is also this year that he deposits his fish “RL”. Initially, René Lalique’s avant-garde jewelry appealed only to an intellectual and artistic elite. In 1905, René Lalique opened a shop at 24 place Vendôme, and met René Coty. Lalique has set foot in the world of perfumery. However, it will be necessary to wait until 1992 to see the first perfume of the brand which will be called simply “Lalique de Lalique”.

Lalique by Lalique, the brand essential line

Created in 1992, Lalique de Lalique is the brand first line. She has become the mainstay of this sumptuous fashion house. This is why, each year, the Lalique house pays tribute to its first line, by inventing a new limited edition bottle. “Lalique de Lalique”, a feminine fragrance, has become a timeless institution. This essence was created for an ultra refined, sophisticated woman with a passion for art. Since 1992, the bottle has been reworked and the composition slightly modernized. The top note has been lightened with more transparent and modern notes of white flowers. As for the heart notes, they are more sparkling.

The musky floral notes of Lalique de Lalique

“Lalique de Lalique” is defined as a radiant ultra feminine fragrance born from a flight of flowers. “Lalique de Lalique opens with a flight of Bulgarian rose flowers, jasmine and iris. Richness and opulence then combine with cloves. The heart evolves towards tangy fruity flavors composed of pear, wild blackberry and blackcurrant leaves. The base leaves an ultra sensual, feminine and soft trail thanks to the presence of Bourbon vanilla, Mysore sandalwood and white musks. The bottle is quite simply prestigious. Of great luxury, it is nonetheless original. Here, it keeps its original shape with its honeysuckle decoration. In order to be even more luxurious than ever, it is now dressed in a gold metal fret.

Lalique by Lalique is a timeless, refined and above all timeless fragrance. Lalique de Lalique is not only the first fragrance brand, but also the first line. Since 1992, if the woman continues to evolve, “Lalique de Lalique” is an essence which still fascinates as much. If it has been slightly modernized, it remains a particularly rare musky floral essence. A pillar of the brand, “Lalique de Lalique” represents its beginnings, but also its future.

Lalique: Marie-Claude Lalique between traditions and modernities …

True ambassador perfume of the brand, Lalique de Lalique represents the floral and elegant femininity which allies with the joyful gluttony of the fruit. A femininity in perfect continuity with the creations of René and Marc Lalique and in keeping with the modernity and the beautiful creativity of the last descendant of this family of glass artists , Marie-Claude Lalique.

Lalique or the very first feminine perfume from the famous Lalique glassmaking house

To be born and reborn again while retaining the excellence of its roots and innovating enough for modernity to emerge, such was the crazy bet that Marie-Claude Lalique had launched by creating her very first Lalique perfume published by the brand new Lalique perfume house.

So as to bring luck but above all to pay tribute to the past of its artistic roots, this first perfume soberly and rather logically named Lalique will be presented to the public and to the press in a wagon of the legendary Orient-Express. A train that René Lalique decorated with his finest works. The first perfume of the house therefore seems to be imbued with the multiple historical testimonies of the greatest perfumers as well as the wind of modernity breathed in by Marie-Claude Lalique.

Lalique, the perfume, is quickly a phenomenal success and will sign the promising start for Lalique in perfumery. As a result, Lalique will be used each year to showcase the artistic work of glass produced around the bottles by Marie-Claude Lalique. Like a living and current symbol of the know-how of its creators, Lalique is exhibited in bottles, each more magnificent than the last. Note the magnificent 2012 edition produced for the 20th anniversary of the brand in a crystal and gold honeysuckle bottle.

“Created in 1992, the Lalique de Lalique line is the first pillar of Maison Lalique . She pays homage to him every year by dedicating a limited edition crystal collection bottle to him. ” Lalique for Lalique.

Flowers and musk fruits for a modern and poetic flight & nbsp; signed Lalique for Lalique

Originally in 1992, Lalique juice was created by Max Gavarry, it was reworked for its twentieth anniversary in 2012 by Sophia Grojsman. This new orchestration of the composition of the cult perfume made it possible in particular to make the notes more airy thanks to the appearance of pretty white flowers as well as more present scents marked by beautiful feminine modernities.

From the start in this beautiful Lalique, we are carried away by a wind of flowers which embraces us with notes of Bulgarian rose, jasmine and pretty and spicy wallflowers. The majestic iris sprinkles these delicate flowers with its intoxicating and sweet scent. At the heart, it is the fruits that become the masters of this Lalique by offering us juices as sweet as you want with notes of pear, blackcurrant leaf and wild blackberry. Finally, Mysore sandalwood is enveloped in the tenderness of white musk and the gluttony of vanilla to better delight us in its amber depths.

More than ever, this first Lalique perfume by Lalique is emblematic of the passion between Lalique crystals and the world of perfume. A true ode to the modern woman that René and Marc Lalique cherished more than anything, Lalique de Lalique draws the olfactory portrait of a modern woman, delicately flowery and very sensual.

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