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Komorebi Eau de Parfum

Komorebi Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Pierre Guillaume Paris, Parfumerie Generale. The notes of this fragrance are Mint, reseda, mimosa, blackcurrant, hazelnut, oak, tonka bean


Komorebi: a Japanese term that refers to the beauty of natural sunlight filtered through the forest canopy, and the glowing, deciduous effect it creates. It represents a connection between land and sky, with the tree acting as the perfect intermediary, connected closely to both air and earth, a conduit for light, energy, and life itself. Komorebi captures that connection in a gorgeously delicate aromatic floral, combining the bracing freshness of wild mint with a rich, gently sweet bouquet of reseda and mimosa and a blackcurrant note both juicy and aromatic. In the softly powerful base, hazelnut and smooth, lightly powdered tonka bean support a potent central note of oak wood. There are many forest-themed scents, each with their own balance between light and dark, earth, air, and vegetation- but as an impossibly luminous tribute to the forest at its lightest and brightest, Komorebi stands alone.

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