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Guaria Morada Berdoues Eau de Parfum

Guaria Morada Berdoues Eau de Parfum is a 2020 Floral Fruity Perfume by Berdoues for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Orange, Ylang ylang, Mandarin. Middle notes are Amyris, Orange Blossom, Tuberose. Base notes are Patchouli, Pear, Vanilla.


Guaria Morada: The new Berdoues perfume

An art in its own right, perfumery has allowed us to live dreams awake for many decades, and transports us to magical places with a simple snap of the fingers. This is the case with the Guaria Morada perfume by Berdoues. From the prestigious collection of Grands Crus de Berdoues, this juice is inspired by an orchid emblematic of Costa Rica. So, quickly pack your bags: we are leaving for Central America together!

What is the Guaria Morada?

First of all, let’s start by lifting the veil on the name of this perfume. Guaria Morada is a very Spanish sounding name, a language spoken in Costa Rica. There, the land is particularly rich and the vegetation is very lush. Moreover, Costa Rica is one of the leading tourist destinations for nature lovers! As proof, there are still 1,400 different species of orchids in this country. Among them, the Guaria Morada was chosen as the emblem of the nation in 1939. This purple orchid amazes with its beauty and is traditionally offered during Costa Rican festivals. Legend has it that she is a lucky charm and that she is a token of luck and good fortune. It is therefore precisely to this plant that the perfume of Berdoues refers.

Guaria Morada, a floral and refined fragrance

Guaria Morada is a fragrance from the prestigious collection of Grands Crus de Berdoues . However, each of the juices in this assortment evokes the world of Eaux de Cologne. In this sense, it is a nod to the history of perfumery. Indeed, for a very long time, men and women only perfumed themselves with Eau de Cologne. Here, their DNA is reinvented with more modernity and tenacity. This results in authentic perfumes, with long maceration, which gives them more character. Like all the perfumes in the Grands Crus de Berdoues collection, Guaria Morada only contains very refined and prestigious raw materials.
Presented in a bottle common to all the Grands Crus of Berdoues, Guaria Morada is revealed in a translucent glass rectangle, the bottom of which is decorated with a pattern. Here, the chosen theme is very floral. The bottle of Guaria Morada is decorated with pink and green keys. Inside this container hides an essence designed by perfumer Mylène Alran. Guaria Morada first deploys an extreme sensation of freshness, through the presence of orange. Then, this tangy citrus fruit is replaced by amyris, a more resinous floral plant. Finally, its penetrating and tenacious scent ends with a more woody breath of patchouli. Welcome to the lush forest of Costa Rica!

Guaria Morada is a very Spanish perfume, which evokes all the exoticism of Costa Rica, in a floral and lush fragrance, rich in orchids. Recently, this essence has been added to the prestigious collection of Grands Crus de Berdoues. These perfumes are conceived as modern reinterpretations of the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear, all revolving around noble ingredients of perfumery, of rigorously selected quality. These are authentic perfumes, with a strong character, the direct result of their long maceration. So, how about heading to Costa Rican land to get drunk on the floral scent of this essence designed by perfumer Mylène Alran? Here are some more details about its makeup.

Guaria Morada soars on sunny citrus fruits

Guaria Morada de Berdoues is a very sunny fragrance, which evokes the tropical climate that bathes Costa Rica. Therefore, its start is as vivid as it is bright. To evoke a distant and exotic land, Berdoues has chosen to integrate ylang-ylang flower into it. Mainly cultivated in Madagascar and the Comoros, this plant has a rich, powdery and floral scent. In some ways it is also spicy and almost leathery. Here, as if to reveal all its ardor and natural liveliness, it surrounds itself with citrus fruits. Orange and mandarin are now one, for a rendering that is as appetizing as it is acidic.

The floral heart of Guaria Morada de Berdoues

Then, Berdoues decides to transcend the femininity of its perfume, in a heart designed like an enormous floral bouquet. In a more Mediterranean register, orange blossom illuminates this fragrance, while being accompanied by tuberose. For the record, this Mexican flower was introduced in the region of Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, in the 17th century. Slightly heady, it turns out to be as creamy as it is warm and slightly honeyed. Here, this duo is softened by an addition of Amyris wood, emblem of Haiti or the Antilles, and better known as rosewood. Close to sandalwood, this ingredient gives character to this fragrance, while remaining tender and comforting.

Guaria Morada de Berdoues ends with a woody and fruity base

As in most fragrances, the base notes of Guaria Morada de Berdoues are enriched with a dark and woody scent. Patchouli gives it more character and gives structure to the whole. However, it comes with a more surprising note. Pear comes in its wake, as if to remind you that it is a fresh and addictive essence. Then, it is at this moment that the star of this composition makes his appearance. Vanilla deploys all its richness. A true icon of Costa Rica, it comes from an orchid that grows mainly in hot and tropical regions. Moreover, it is precisely this ingredient that gives the name of this perfume. The Guaria Morada is a purple orchid that is also the emblem of Costa Rica. Legend has it that it is also a lucky charm and that it is a token of luck or good fortune.

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