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Explorer Ultra Blue Montblanc Eau de Parfum

Explorer Ultra Blue Montblanc Eau de Parfum is a 2021 Citrus Aromatic Perfume by Montblanc for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Antoine Maisondieu Jordi Fernandez , Olivier Pescheux Olivier Pescheux. Top notes are Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Exotic fruits. Middle notes are Marine note, Ambergris. Base notes are Patchouli, Woody Notes, Leather.


A holiday smell with the new Explorer Ultra Blue from MontBlanc

Inspired by the pioneers, and more precisely the three founders of the Montblanc brand, Explorer Ultra Blue takes us to other countries. More concretely, it draws its source from all the blue elements of nature and makes an aquatic breath float in your daily life!

Explorer Ultra Blue, a refreshing and eco-responsible fragrance

Explorer Ultra Blue by Montblanc was crafted by three talented perfumers: Jordi Fernandez, Olivier Pescheux and Antoine Maisondieu. These three creators have chosen to offer us a very refreshing olfactory palette, sometimes iodized, woody or aquatic. With Explorer Ultra Blue, it all starts with a fresh and spicy marriage of bergamot, exotic fruits and pink pepper. Its heart, meanwhile, becomes more marine, combining a maritime and ozonic accord with ambergris. Little by little, the masculinity of Explorer Ultra Blue comes back to the fore in a woody trail of Indonesian patchouli and leather. By the way, it should be noted that the ingredients designed in Explorer Ultra Blue by Montblanc all come from Givaudan’s “Sourcing for Shared Value” program,

Explore Ultra Blue, the scent of an adventurer

Explorer Ultra Blue is intended for all modern day adventurers, eager to travel the world or embark on a thrilling new epic. Whether you want to climb a peak, swim across the sea, or start a new business, all of these adventures are as stimulating for the body as they are for the soul. Montblanc makes ambition one of its greatest values ​​and it is therefore precisely this that is honored in this essence. Explorer Ultra Blue invites us on a new journey, pushing the wearer to go ever higher in excellence.

The elegant Montblanc bottle

Explorer Ultra Blue has a bottle as refined as it is timeless . Drawing a thick glass cylinder, its bottle rests on a transparent and thick base. Its walls are covered with a Saffiano pattern leather in a new blue color, itself bearing the Montblanc emblem: a six-pointed star representing the six highest peaks of the Mont-Blanc massif. It is placed on its leather by hand by the famous Pelleteria Montblanc in Florence, prestigious workshops making the most beautiful creations of Montblanc leather goods. The whole is still topped with a metallic cap, for more light and modernity. Finally, as it is a perfume for adventurers, it is naturally also available in a travel size, 30 ml. With Explorer Ultra Blue by Montblanc,

In 2019, the Montblanc house launched a fragrance intended for all modern-day adventurers. Paying tribute to men’s desires to explore and to new challenges looming on the horizon every day, Montblanc presented us with Explorer. Two years later, in April 2019, this now cult fragrance returns to the forefront, in a new edition: Explorer Ultra Blue. Presented in an elegant cylindrical bottle, this perfume dares a more aquatic olfactory partition, inspired by the blue elements of nature. Decryption of its composition as refreshing as it is respectful of the planet.

The olfactory pyramid of the Explorer Ultra Blue fragrance

Explorer Ultra Blue of Montblanc is a fragrance that owes its existence to three perfumers: Jordi Fernandez, Olivier Pescheux and Antoine Maisondieu. Together, they imagined a scent as refreshing as the invigorating and virile. With Explorer Ultra Blue, it all starts with very contrasting top notes, as zesty as they are spicy or fruity. The tangy delicacy of exotic fruits is refreshed with a more citrusy Sicilian bergamot. It is then that pink pepper enters the scene, to tickle the whole with an incandescent heat.
At its heart, Explorer Ultra Blue by Montblanc dares a more maritime territory. As its elegant blue bottle suggests, it directs us right in the middle of the sea waves, with an iodized accord. For more richness and depth, the ozonic freshness of Explorer Ultra Blue by Montblanc is combined with ambergris, a natural material derived from the sperm whale that takes on its scent as it travels through the waves.
Little by little, Explorer Ultra Blue’s virility is accentuated. Its final wake becomes much more intense and warm. It combines a leathery facet with Indonesian patchouli.

The natural ingredients contained in Explorer Ultra Blue by Montblanc

Because today’s consumers are increasingly concerned about respecting the environment and of the products they use on their body, Montblanc has decided to select its raw materials very carefully. More concretely, these come from Givaudan’s “Sourcing for Shared Value” program. The latter was launched to support local producers through sustainable and ethical practices. By selecting patchouli sourced on the island of Sulawesi, and exclusively designed for Montblanc, the brand supports Indonesian communities. This program materializes more concretely through educational initiatives for the younger generations, such as the construction of libraries for schoolchildren in the Buton Er Katoi region. By opting for the Explorer Ultra Blue fragrance, you too can help to act for the Earth and for disadvantaged populations.
Explorer Ultra Blue by Montblanc is an adventurous fragrance that highlights the explorer that lies dormant in every man. Backpacker, he seems to be nourished by the beauty of the world around him and this is noticeable even in his perfume. Much more than a masculine fragrance, Explorer Ultra Blue is a change of scenery, an initiatory journey.

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