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Eaumer Eau de Parfum

Eaumer Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Pekji. The notes of this fragrance are ambergris, anise, bergamot, Haitian vetiver, herbs, jasmine, lavender, lime, mastic, musk


Eaumer, a play on the perfumer’s name (O-Mer), is the tonic we’d prescribe to anyone who’s ever had a bad experience with an aquatic. Forget what you know about this genre, with its overdose of Calone and potent aromachemicals ? Eaumer is here to turn the concept of aquatic on its head and reconfigure all your expectations.
When you wear Eaumer, the most pleasant surprise is that a scent can be naturally rather than chemically marine-fresh. Salty anise, lime, and vetiver combine to evoke the brackish freshness of a sea breeze, mercifully free of the melony sweetness common to most aquatics. The lime note sluices everything with an antiseptic brightness that will jolt you awake. The natural gasoline and rubber facets of jasmine are brought forward and accentuated, cleverly creating a petrol-on-sea-water effect that feels novel but also refreshing. When all is said and done, though, ambergris is the rock on which Eaumer is built. Redolent of minty tobacco, minerals, and sea salt, the ambergris fills the scent with a radiant freshness, but also a lingering mammalian funk. And it’s this contrast between bright and murky that makes Eaumer such a pleasure to wear on a hot day.

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