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Eau de toilette Idôle Aura Lancôme

Eau de toilette Idôle Aura Lancôme is a 2021 Floral Woody Musky Cologne by Lancome for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Adriana Medina Antoine Maisondieu , Nadège Le Garlantezec Nadège Le Garlantezec. Top notes are Salt, Pink. Middle notes are Jasmine. Base notes are Musk, Vanilla.


Idôle Aura, the new fragrance from Lancôme

In 2019, with the Idôle perfume, Lancôme wanted more than ever to turn a page and address contemporary women. Intended for an inspiring, conquering and daring woman, Idôle by Lancôme never ceases to be talked about. Once again, in 2021, it returns to the front of the stage and offers itself a new derivative of its scent. Focus on Idôle Aura, the saltiest edition of the collection.

Idôle Aura, the scent of a combative woman

Idôle Aura by Lancôme was born out of the brand love for women. Because the latter no longer hesitate to shake up standards and impose their own definition of success, Lancôme has decided to put them in the spotlight in a perfume. Idôle Aura is a “call to all idols, to come together, form a community and spread their aura of powerful women”. Much more than a simple perfume, it is a real totem that brings people together. Idôle Aura accompanies you on the path to happiness. It seems designed for all today’s conquerors, going out of their way to achieve their dreams and give meaning to their lives. On screen, Idôle Aura is played by Zendaya, a rising Hollywood star and the face of Lancôme since 2019.

Idôle Aura by Lancôme, a floral and salty essence

Idôle Aura makes no secret of its belonging to the Lancôme family. In this case, this perfume uses the favorite brand raw material: the rose. After all, who better than this flower to embody femininity? It therefore appears from the top notes of this perfume, while being associated with a unique salty accord. The latter clearly highlights the atypical personality of this juice. It is then relayed by a more jasmine and opulent heart. With him, the flowers shine and are particularly generous. Then, little by little, Idôle Aura by Lancôme switches to a more sensual and seductive universe. It ends with an animal and suave alliance of vanilla and musk.

Lancôme’s contemporary Idôle Aura bottle

Like its predecessors, Idôle Aura by Lancôme is presented in a modern and futuristic bottle, surprisingly thin. Indeed, it is considered one of the finest glass cases in the world, with its small 15 mm sides. Its shape is inspired by an ultra-flat smartphone. In perfect harmony with the modern world, this bottle owes its existence to the industrial designer and architect Chafik Gasmi. This time, Idôle Aura reveals all its power to us in a new gradient darker in its center and lightening towards its outer walls. Side capacity, Idôle Aura exists in three different sprays, of 25, 50 or 75 ml.

Idôle de Lancôme made its appearance in 2019, surprising above all with its futuristic and modern bottle, only 15 mm thick. With such a case, he could then boast of being the finest perfume bottle in the world! Nevertheless, Idôle also possesses a bewitching breath that never ceases to conquer the hearts of women. To this day, it is considered one of Lancôme’s greatest bestsellers. Designed by perfumers Shyamala Maisondieu, Adriana Medina-Baez and Nadège le Garlantezec, it offers itself a new derivative of its scent called Idôle Aura. Decryption of its composition.

The floral and saline top notes of Idôle Aura

Idôle Aura by Lancôme is a fragrance intended for women . It was born out of Lancôme’s love for femininity, a brand that has never ceased to observe women and draw inspiration from her. Now, what better raw material than the rose to symbolize love and femininity? It is therefore natural that this takes its place in the top notes of Idôle Aura. In addition, the rose is one of the preferred raw materials of perfumers, used in fragrant essences for millennia. Already in ancient times, the rose was used for its bewitching power. Even Queen Cleopatra took baths perfumed with rose water. Since then, the success of this ingredient has never wavered. Women love it and its romanticism never ceases to be emulated. Here, however, Lancôme dares to offer a completely different personality to the rose, by associating it with a savory accord. This is the originality of Idôle Aura!

Jasmine as a central ingredient in Idôle Aura by Lancôme

Then, in his heart, Idôle Aura s’ revolves around the second star of women’s perfumery: jasmine. Widely used in feminine compositions, this one is as radiant as it is luminous and opulent. This flagship flower of the olfactory universe seduces with its sensuality and voluptuousness. What is more, it is a raw material rich in several olfactory facets. Sometimes floral, fruity, animal or powdery, jasmine takes on a whole lot of personalities at the same time. In Idôle Aura by Lancôme, it is therefore addressed to all women as a whole.

The ultimate animal and suave breath of Idôle Aura

Finally, little by little, Idôle Aura by Lancôme gives way to sensuality. It ends with a final, more musky breath. In this way, it highlights the most seductive facet of current femininity. Moreover, as if that were not enough to establish its suave and bewitching side, Lancôme adds a touch of more exotic vanilla. The result is a bewitching fragrance, like a “call to all idols, to come together, form a community and spread their aura of powerful women”.

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