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Eau de Parfum Fleur de Rocaille Eau de Parfum Caron

Eau de Parfum Fleur de Rocaille Eau de Parfum Caron is a 2017 Floral Aldehyde Perfume by Because we for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Gardenia, Lily of the valley. Middle notes are Iris, Violet, Lilac. Base notes are Amber, Wood.


Eau de Parfum Caron Fleur de Rocaille

Today, perfumery has become widely democratized, and the Caron house has thus been able to develop its product range according to the customs of its time. Caron displays exceptional longevity. Some of its fragrances saw the light of day many, many decades ago. This was the case with the first Fleur de Rocaille in 1933. To address it in our time, Caron decided to reinterpret it and make it a more current juice. We therefore invite you to discover its brand new version in more detail.

Fleur de Rocaille, all the facets of femininity grouped together in a single fragrance

Fleur de Rocaille has always been an ode to femininity. Today it is coming back and addressing a new generation of women. In their image, it is more modern and carefree, more lively but just as delicate as before. Perfectly anchored in our time, it seems full of unparalleled dynamism. He alone delivers all the facets of femininity to us, and has in him a universal scope. Its flight is poetic but its base is much more powerful. In this sense, he is like a woman whose feet are firmly anchored to the earth, but whose head sometimes escapes into the stars. Fleur de Rocaille is inspired by all facets of the female personality. He is both powerful and tender, candid and exuberant, serious and spontaneous. On the other hand, it is always full of optimism and liveliness. Rocaille flower stands out with contrast. This is where its charm comes from. Fleur de Rocaille is discovered differently depending on the woman who wears it.

Caron Fleur de Rocaille chooses poetry and delicacy

Fleur de Rocaille is presented to us in a timeless and refined bottle. Inspired by the silhouette of its predecessor, it contrasts straight and rigorous shoulders with a more rounded base. What is more, the shape of this container is reminiscent of that of a vase ready to receive all these flowers. All in sobriety, it lets us glimpse a very slightly amber juice through its transparency. When it comes to scent, Fleur de Rocaille is like a huge load of flowers. These top and heart notes are bursting with bright, feminine flowers. Fleur de Rocaille contains in particular violet, lily of the valley, lilac and gardenia. Jasmine and rose, two great classics in women’s perfumery, are also present. They give us the image of an eternal and poetic love. All in generosity, Fleur de Rocaille still lights up with mimosa and ylang-ylang. The iris makes the whole look more refined than ever. Finally, a veil of amber and musk coats the whole with a more sweet and carnal sensuality.

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