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Coromandel Chanel Eau de Parfum

Coromandel Chanel Eau de Parfum is a 2007 Oriental Woody Perfume by Chanel for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jacques Polge . Top notes are Frankincense. Middle notes are Patchouli, Woody Notes. Base notes are Benzoin, Ambergris.


Coromandel by Chanel, patchouli according to Jacques Polge

This is exactly the case with the magnificent oriental Coromandel which exalts Coco’s love for the baroque with the exquisite scents of an amber patchouli with exquisite luminosity …

Coromandel, a powerful oriental fragrance to trace the indelible memory of Coco

For Jacques Polge, the creation of the perfumes in the Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection is a real “recreation”. Indeed, this beautiful collection is above all intended to be selective, even elitist, but above all to exude the charm of the most beautiful memories of the beloved founder of the house of Chanel, Gabrielle of course!
The great lady of fashion liked to decorate her apartment on Rue Cambon with magnificent Asian decorations, including the famous Chinese panels called coromandels because, according to her, they exuded “the infinite patience of the craftsman and the flawless hand of the master “. Jacques Polge will therefore offer in 2007 a perfume that will take shape with the same sophistication to the great lady passionate about baroque, Coromandel.

Coromandel will therefore offer us the Orient dreamed by Gabrielle Chanel but an Orient less opulent than in many perfumes, an Orient with chic and Chanel sophistication in short …

“Coromandel arouses, provokes, even speaks and tells a story imbued with creation and class, originality and seduction. »Au Parfum about Coromandel, Chanel.

Patchouli and its wonders in the fabulous Coromandel fragrance

Coromandel therefore has nothing in common with the animal powers of the usual patchouli perfumes. Much calm than its competitors, Coromandel is well amber and gourmet and opens like a window on the oriental world bathed in lights and colors without locking us in too animal powers. Besides, how can we imagine that Jacques Polge could compose an oriental like the others for Chanel?

Coromandel opens with woody and nervous notes of olibanum which will wrap in a candied orange that is both dynamic but velvety. Then the beautiful jasmine accustomed to the luxury of Chanel perfumes will marry a spicy and raw black pepper which already announces the strength of the wake to come. Indeed patchouli appears in the sensual and burning depths of benzoin, tonka bean, labdanum and vanilla. The incense will wrap around these amber heat to give the woman or the man of Coromandel the irresistible sensation of being enveloped in an enigmatic wake.

“The heavy facets like drapes disappear behind this light and modern structure and on skin, the patchouli softens, caramelizes, swells and becomes rounded. A successful approach since Coromandel is meeting a real craze among perfume aficionados. »Olfactorum about Coromandel by Chanel.

The Chanel house is an inseparable figure in the world of luxury. Thus, all its essences are considered as prestige perfumes. In addition, clearly surfing this trend, Chanel sometimes likes to give them names evoking a prestigious heritage… Such is the case of the Coromandel feminine perfume, a reference to the traditional Chinese screens designed in Coromandel lacquer. For the Chanel Exclusives Collection, the brand has chosen to reinterpret its oriental fragrance, to make it darker and more intense. So, how about tasting this precious elixir with us?

A tribute to Coromandel screens

As the name of this fragrance suggests, it is ‘is a tribute to the Coromandel lacquer screens. Well known to antique dealers, this art object originates in China and dates from the mid-18th century. Formerly transported by Chinese junks to Europe, they were made of wood and a very fine fabric coated with glue. Coromandel screens are also famous for their black lacquer and their many painted and modeled decorations. The latter draw vast animated scenes rich in many details. They are an exceptional testimony to traditional Asian art. With this perfume, Chanel therefore seeks to transport us to a distant place, taking us on an extraordinary space-time journey.

The Collection des Exclusifs de Chanel

Coromandel is a fragrance from the Chanel Exclusives Collection, which is enough to immerse us in a particularly chic and refined universe. Indeed, more than ever, the Exclusives of Chanel are part of an exceptional register. They are all timeless and trendy perfumes, emblematic of high perfumery. Coromandel is no exception to tradition. It surprises with its rarity and elegance. It is in itself a fabulous testimony to Guerlain’s know-how. With him, all is luxury and refinement. The women who wear the Coromandel perfume by Chanel seem to have a destiny apart, an inimitable elegance.

Coromandel by Chanel, a fragrance with a woody character

Although very refined, Coromandel de Chanel Chanel is not lacking in temperament. If this juice first entered the Chanel Exclusives Collection in 2007, it is now reinvented and offers us a darker and more intense interpretation of its original scent. Coromandel is for all those who have a strong character! Designed by Olivier Polge, Chanel’s exclusive perfumer, it exudes an oriental breath, exalting the warmth and plenitude of women. Amber at will, Coromandel preserves its luminous freshness in a flight of citrus fruits and neroli. At its heart, the floral breath of rose, orange blossom and iris roots is enveloped in incense and labdanum. Patchouli, meanwhile, gives it a smokier character, while benzoin makes the whole thing more resinous. The result is an exotic and enchanting essence, a fragrance endowed with undeniable nobility.

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