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Clinique Aromatics in White Eau de Parfum

Clinique Aromatics in White Eau de Parfum is a 2014 Oriental Floral Perfume by Clinical for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Nicolas Beaulieu . Top notes are Violet leaf, Cistus, Pepper. Middle notes are Orange Blossom, Patchouli, Rose water. Base notes are Ambergris, Musk, Benzoin.


Aromatics in Withe, a magnetic fragrance

Clinique‘s philosophy is to meet the dermatological needs of women, but above all to meet them according to each type of skin. Clinique is as demanding on the composition of perfumes as on that of its cosmetics. It was in 1972, with “Aromatics Elixir” that she entered the world of perfumery. In 2014, Clinque signed the return of its chypre fragrance with “Aromatics in Withe”.

Clinique’s promises

44 years after its legendary star fragrance “Aromatics Elixir”, Clinique is back on stage with a chypre-floral version “Aromatics in Withe”. An aromachrological perfume thanks to which the chypre family is making a big comeback. “Aromatics in Withe” is an olfactory inspiration loaded with promise. Its fragrance deploys a mysterious and no less seductive trail. Designed for the body as much as for the mind, “Aromatics in Withe” envelops the skin in sensual velvet. Unique and avant-garde, “Aromatics in Withe” is the fragrance of an elegant, very feminine, self-confident and uninhibited woman. “Aromatics in Withe” is an extremely modern and extremely magnetic fragrance. It was made for women who want a unique and daring fragrance and thus follows in the footsteps of their elder. 40 years later,

The bold notes of Aromatics in Withe

Nicolas Beaulieu, nose for the IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances), was responsible for creating this daring fragrance to celebrate the 40th anniversary of “Aromatics Elixir”. This is why “Aromatics in Withe” has kept its magnetic chemistry. “Aromatics in Withe” begins with notes of violet contrasting with those of Sichuan pepper and cistus labdanum. The heart is floral and bursting with beauty thanks to rose water and orange blossom. The base delivers amber and musky tones with the presence of ambergris, benzoin and musks. As for the bottle, it takes up the codes of that of “Aromatics Elixir”. This time it is dressed in lacquered white and the design is ultra modern. The cabochon, in the same color, is underlined by the traditional golden border.

For the 40 years of Aromatics Elixir, Clinique unveils “Aromatics in Withe”. With him, the brand gives pride of place to the Cyprus family, so dear to its heart. “Aromatics in Withe” however has nothing to envy its elder for its daring and magnetic side. Its accords are unique and its fragrance gives off a true message of purity and radiance… A marvelous variation.

Aromatics Elixir and its magical charm had surprised women of the 70s by offering powerful and rare scents far from the refined appearance of usual Clinic products. Having become cult, it was not until the 40th anniversary of the release of this miracle perfume to see one of its direct descendants appear on the market: Aromatics in White . Far from having become sober, Aromatics in White and its creator Nicolas Beaulieu once again offer us scents that stand out.

Aromatics in White the luminous descendant of the legendary perfume Clinique

Aromatics Elixir was the very first fragrance of the brand founded by Estée Lauder, very famous in the 70s, Clinique. Since Clinique products are keen to offer only natural ingredients and without artifice in their composition, we expected to discover a sober and neutral fragrance. What was our surprise when we discovered the spectacular notes drawn by Bernard Chant for this Aromatics Elixir! Far from being refined, Aromatics Elixir is a concentrate of sensualities and multiple scents…

In the space of a few months, the perfume of Bernard Chant has exploded the sales of the brand and for very For a long time, Aromatics Elixir defied all the laws of modern perfumery. When Clinique celebrated the 40th anniversary of this now legendary perfume, she wanted to pay tribute to it by asking Nicolas Beaulieu for an up-to-date Aromatics Elixir, it will be called Aromatics in White.

Far from becoming a pale copy from its brilliant elder, Aromatics in White will offer the woman in love with Aromatics Elixir scents just as brilliant as its elder but much more suited to the woman of the new millennium.

The scent of the Aromatics perfume in White by Clinique

Between solar flowers, peppery freshness and burning sensualities, Aromatics in White persists and signs…

Nicolas Beaulieu is a perfumer passionate about the flowery scents that he will decline by elsewhere wonderfully in the fragrances that will follow Aromatics in White, such as Repetto Eau Florale or Eclat de Fleurs for Lanvin. Thus it will make Aromatics in White a flowery fragrance which, although retaining the contrasting spine of its elder, will be lighter and more springy while being very original.

Thus, just like Aromatics Elixir, Aromatics in White opens with a dazzling and fresh opening composed of violet leaves and Sichuan pepper. However, the fresh heads will quickly come dressed in the animal languor of cistus labdanum the better to surprise us and envelop us in a veil of infinite sensuality. At heart, Nicolas Beaulieu will offer us his most beautiful flowers thanks to the notes of rosewater and the warm orange blossom. Finally, this flowery sun will soon be punctuated by mysterious notes of ambergris, musk and benzoin to better take us to depths of irresistible darkness.

“ While cultivating its very own personality, more nuanced and contrasted than that of Aromatics Elixir, Aromatics in White has in any case this in common with its predecessor: a touch of originality and independence […]. “Au Parfum about Aromatics in White.

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