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Chene Eau de Parfum

Chene Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Serge Lutens. The notes of this fragrance are cedar crystals, wood sap, black thyme, oak, immortelle, beeswax, silver birch, rum absolute and tonka bean


If you thought the oak, beeswax and rum notes would take you in Uncle Serge’s secret Western-style den ? the one with the polished heirloom furniture where he trades mint tea for a tipple ? you’d be very much mistaken… Chêne is quintessentially Lutens: dried fruit, spices and wood.
In Chêne (French for oak), each note seems to mesh with the others to create a flammable mixture drenched in woody saps and resins… The fruity booziness of the oak, rum and immortelle segues, through the latter’s tobacco and honey notes, into the beeswax and tonka bean. The smokiness of the tonka bean echoes that of the birch tar and oak. The bone-dry, pencil-shavings cedar is suffused with the aromatic camphor of the black thyme and the underlying bitterness of the oak tannins is nestled in an?undergrowth note?? which chypre aficionados will recognize as… oak moss.
In fact, Chêne is probably the closest Serge Lutens and Christopher Sheldrake have come to composing an aromatic leather chypre, in their trademark oriental-style. What We Think Rich, woodsy, and delightfully long lasting, this is a masterpiece for any cedar lovers.

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