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Black IV Parfum Extrait

Black IV Parfum Extrait is a fragrance by Widian. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, blackcurrant, prune, rose, white flowers, vanilla, musk, leather, sandalwood


Soft, spicy, and deeply sensual, Widian’s Black IV upends the normal conventions of spicy florals, using a deep, richly sweet fruit opening and a musky vanilla drydown to create a sexy, surprisingly unisex rose scent that has us captivated. Opening with a burst of juicy bergamot, Black IV quickly sweetens with an intoxicating confection of blackcurrant and prune notes, as deliciously dark as they are sugared. The floral heart of exotic, sensuous rose and white florals retains a carnally indolic element, while a smooth, animalic musk and vanilla drydown only further ups the seductive factor. At the same time, woodsy leather notes balance the femininity and add long lasting power. Make no mistake, Black IV is a floral- and an enticingly sexy one at that.

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