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Bertrand Duchaufour Eau de Toilette

Bertrand Duchaufour Eau de Toilette is a fragrance by Project Renegades. The notes of this fragrance are Pink pepper, bergamot, cardamom, gin, cassis, galbanum, red berries, olibanum, hinoki, balsam fir, driftwood, amber


What happens when one of niche fragrance‘s most prolific perfumers is given the freedom to have some fun? In Bertrand Duchaufour’s case, he creates a modern, zesty blend of pink pepper, woods, and aquatic notes that- not to ruin the crazy imagery- comes out shockingly relaxed and lovely. Don’t get us wrong, the vibrant, spicy opening has attitude to spare, with cardamom and the aforementioned pink pepper crackling against a fizzy gin note, but somewhere in the smooth, gently resinous heart, a drop of cassis meets a rich olibanum with such sweet smoothness that we can’t help but close our eyes a moment and just enjoy it all. Once the salty, ocean-tinged woods of the base set in, we’re downright transported- not to a bougie beach club, mind you, but perhaps the latter hours of an all-night full moon party in Koh Phangan, as the sun is just starting to peek over the horizon and the last people standing can take a deep exhale and marvel at the craziness fading into memory. And with a delightfully woodsy, fresh, and fun memory like this, you can be sure we’ll be coming back again and again.

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