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Bee Extrait de Parfum

Bee Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Zoologist. The notes of this fragrance are orange, ginger syrup, royal jelly accord, broom, heliotrope, mimosa, orange flower, benzoin, labdanum, musks, sandalwood, tonka, vanilla


We don’t usually play favorites. We love all of our perfumes, and their creators, equally. Trust us, we really do. But when a perfume comes along that’s such a unanimous hit with Luckyscent staff, then we feel obliged to mention it. Bee is just irresistible! Opening with a luscious, jellied orange and a smattering of meadow flowers, the honey accord is both extremely realistic and un-animalic ? a rare feat that makes Bee a real contender for the title of the baby bear’s porridge of the honey fragrance genre.
Set deep in a bombastic surround system of glittering amber and incense, the quietly golden floral honey center is magnified and broadcast until it fills the room, creating an incredible sillage that trails after you like the waves made by the Titanic. Though enormously rich and deep, the honey draws upon a doughy beeswax note to muffle its sweetness, and a softly musky, woody base of sandalwood and benzoin to keep it from sliding off into honey’s more animalic facets. Honey is such a difficult note to do well ? and, in our opinion, Bee is an unmitigated triumph. If you love, the honeyed, ambery warmth of scents such as Botrytis (but could do without the booze and grape must), then this gorgeous scent by Zoologist could be the Bee in your bonnet (sorry).

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