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Anatolia Parfum

Anatolia Parfum is a fragrance by PRIN. The notes of this fragrance are Leather, date, apple, oud, cinnamon, cumin, patchouli, amber, incense, loukhoum, cacao powder, honey, suede


The bridge between continents, Anatolia was a nexus for the conflicting tides of humanity- a centerpoint of economic, cultural, and even genetic exchange. Anatolia the fragrance celebrates this diversity in a sweeping oriental gourmand that incorporates a multitude of unique materials that might have passed across the plateau in ancient times- the earthy richness of dried fruits made sweet with the historic confections of loukhoum and honey, contrasted against the fiery spice of cumin and cinnamon and the spiritual brightness of incense smoke. Underneath it all, the supple, road-worn leather of the travelers and merchants who brought these treasures back and forth across the silk road, creating new cultures that endure until this day. Lovers of semi-gourmande leather, you won’t want to miss this one.

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