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34 Boulevard Saint Germain EDP Eau de Parfum

34 Boulevard Saint Germain EDP Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Diptyque. The notes of this fragrance are Pink pepper, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka


34 Boulevard Saint Germain, the home of the original Diptyque boutique, is as close to a royal address as it gets in niche fragrance. Still alive almost 60 years after first opening its doors, “The Maison” is both an ever-evolving palace of luxury, and also a timeless shrine to its own origins, a magical space lined in rich waxed blond wood, vintage cabinets stuffed with fragrant curios, and the soft, warm comfort of sunlight streaming through the large, welcoming windows. The scent inside is an unknowable mix of every perfume sprayed, every candle displayed, and every raw material played with- a wholly unique form of olfactive serendipity. It’s this complete aura, both the body and soul of the boutique, captured in 34 Saint Germain Boulevard Eau de Parfum. Perfectly balancing the warm, nostalgic tones of vanilla, sandalwood and tonka against a robust, multifaceted pink pepper, this EDP feels both modern and timeless, comforting and sensual, fresh and warm. Like the wondrous shop to which it owes its name, 34 Saint Germain Boulevard EDP is sure to cast a spell on all who discover it.

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