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2 MAN Eau de Toilette

2 MAN Eau de Toilette is a fragrance by Comme des Garcons. The notes of this fragrance are incense, white smoke, saffron flowers, nutmeg, vetiver roots, mahogany, leather


The fragrance that’s causing crazed mobs to empty the shelves in Europe and Japan is here! CdG 2 MAN is a revision of the original 2 (in the silver bottle), taking it in a more woody/incense direction and creating a whole new animal. Smoldering at first, 2 MAN roars out of the gate, declaring its boldness and contempt for simpering little focus-group scents that are a mishmash of “manly” notes. 2 MAN’s simmering and incensey opening unfolds into an unusual combination of nutmeg, vetiver and subtle saffron flowers, each one appearing like chapters in a book. As the pages turn and it evolves on the skin, a subdued mahogany and leather bring up the rear. Daring but not brash or loud; complex yet never persnickety. It’s a sure-bet for a modern classic.

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