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Flower by Kenzo Elixir, a new box full of delicacies


The fragrant return of Flower by Kenzo Elixir with a new box full of delicacies
The fragrant return of Flower by Kenzo Elixir with a new box full of delicacies

Flower by Kenzo Elixir returns in a box full of delicacies

Flower by Kenzo Elixir is a derivative of the famous Flower by Kenzo. Inspired by the poppy, it plunges us into a poetic and imaginary world. Indeed, have you never noticed that the poppy is one of the only flowers in the world to be odorless? However, Kenzo has succeeded in the crazy bet of making it a perfume. Flower by Kenzo Elixir arrives where you least expect it, like a poppy growing in the heart of an urban world. It is the symbol of a femininity full of energy and vivacity. It offers us a new olfactory texture that is more modern, appetizing and jovial than in the past. Flower by Kenzo Elixir was born in 2015 as a flower in the middle of the city. It is now revealed in an elegant box.

The sweet breath of Flower by Kenzo Elixir

Flower by Kenzo Elixir reinvents the initial composition and gives it a much more pronounced touch of gluttony. Thus, it takes again the floral scent of its elder and highlights the poetry of the rose and the luminosity of the orange blossom. Raspberry gives these two flowers a more tangy and sparkling touch. This composition is also wrapped in an exotic and syrupy vanilla. Finally, a delicious trail of praline reinforces the sweet breath of this perfume while coating it with powdery musks.

The unexpected box set from Kenzo

While we expected a red box, emblematic color of Kenzo and the range, the brand has this time opted for a bluish box. Covered with wild animals, it plunges us into a more nocturnal and mysterious universe than usual. Never mind, the result becomes even more fascinating. It contains two bottles of Flower by Kenzo Elixir: the first of 50 ml associated with a spray of 15 ml bag .

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