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Dior Forever Skin Correct, a versatile product that takes corrector and foundation


Dior Forever Skin Correct, a versatile product that takes corrector and foundation
Dior Forever Skin Correct, a versatile product that takes corrector and foundation

Dior Forever Skin Correct, a hybrid product between corrector and foundation

To satisfy all your craziest makeup cravings, the Dior house is continually implementing new research, with the sole aim of simplifying your life while always making you more beautiful. This is how the new Dior Forever Skin Correct was born. With it, there is no need to multiply the beauty products in your bathroom: it can be used as much as a classic foundation as as a corrector. Equipped with a foam applicator, it offers a precise and fast application. So, how about using this novelty to bring a touch of light to your pretty face?

The different ways to use Dior Forever Skin Correct

Dior Forever Skin Correct is presented as a corrector rather than a foundation. However, it can indeed be used on the entire face. In this case, all you need to do is apply a dab of its formula to the center of your skin and stretch it out towards the contours of your face.
If you choose to apply it as a concealer, Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup, gives the following recommendations: “Forever Skin Correct apply, after fading Dior Forever Fluid Foundation , on areas requiring additional correction: dark circles, small redness, pimples. It is deposited with the applicator and then fades with a brush or finger.

The many functions of Dior Forever Skin Correct

Dior Forever Skin Correct can have several uses:
– It corrects all facial imperfections such as dark circles, redness, spots or blemishes.
– It illuminates the shadow areas of the face, such as the wings of the nose or the hollow of the chin.
– It opens the eyes and gives it more liveliness. In this case, it suffices to apply it on the mobile eyelid, under the browbone and at the outer corner of the eye.
– It allows contouring by illuminating certain key areas of the skin. From then on, he sculpts the face.

Dior Forever Skin Correct: perfect combination of comfort and tenacity, in a natural finish

Dior Forever Skin Correct is available in 30 different shades, more or less sustained, which allows it to adapt perfectly to all skin tones, to be both very covering while remaining discreet and natural. Flawlessly held for 24 hours, it gives you a perfect complexion from morning to night. However, it merges with the skin and preserves an absolute sensation of lightness. 92% of women who tested this product were won over by its comfort, ease of application and flawless hold. Dermatologically tested, Dior Forever Skin Correct is non-comedogenic. It modulates ad infinitum and leaves behind perfectly hydrated skin, the quality of which is improving day by day.

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