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Clinique and its High Impact Curling mascara


Clinique and its High Impact Curling mascara
Clinique and its High Impact Curling mascara

Curl your lashes like never before with Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

The Clinique house has extraordinary know-how. Initially, she specialized in skin care. Many consider that this American brand has made the universe of high-end cosmetics accessible to most women. Little by little, strong in its notoriety, Clinique developed its universe and invited itself into the world of make-up.

However, all her make-up articles do not just put make-up on us. Clinique’s make-up takes care of our body over the long term and often contains natural active ingredients that enhance our beauty day by day. The High Impact Curling Mascara has more than one trick up its sleeve and promises to lengthen and curl your lashes like never before, without damaging them.

High Impact Curling Mascara, a perfect alternative to eyelash curlers

The eyelash curler is a small metal tool that has, at first glance, a somewhat barbaric look. Some love it. Others are afraid to use it. Indeed, the eyelash curler does not always have a very good reputation. When misused, it can break or tear some eyelashes, or even pinch the eyelid. When using this type of tool, it is essential to never pull on the eyelashes and to catch them well at the base. This prevents the hair from breaking. However, if you are still not sure of your action and are afraid of doing something irreparable, Clinique has got you covered! This is how the High Impact Curling Mascara was born .

The optimal arch offered by the High Impact Curling Mascara

The High Impact Curling Mascara gets the best out of your lashes. It acts on several aspects at the same time. It stretches them, fabricates them and bends them in a single pass. Like its small curved brush, it gives your lashes an absolutely sublime arch. What’s more, the shape of its brush allows it to reach each of the eyelashes and respect their natural shape. The High Impact Curling Mascara also displays extraordinary hold and provides fascinating results for 24 hours.

It comes in two different colors: black for a more magnetic and deep rendering, brown for a more natural and nude result. The High Impact Curling Mascara manages to catch every lash without ever creating clumps. Thus, it offers an impeccable rendering. Ophthalmologically tested, it is suitable for all users, even those with sensitive eyes or wearing contact lenses.

Apply your High Impact Curling Mascara properly

The High Impact Curling Mascara is applied in as many layers as necessary to obtain the desired arch and intensity. The main thing is to respect the drying time between each coat. For a perfect result, direct the curved brush towards the lashes, so that they follow their natural shape. Then, to remove your makeup, you just have to rinse your eyelashes with hot water. The High Impact Curling Mascara is equipped with thermal technology which allows it to withstand all tests but to remove makeup very easily when it is at the ideal temperature of 39 °.

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