Classic Gaultier new limited edition Airlines


Classic Gaultier new limited edition Airlines
Classic Gaultier new limited edition Airlines

The Classique Eau Fraiche Airlines by Jean-Paul Gaultier, the new fragrance to slip into your suitcase!

Since its takeover by the Spanish company Puig, the Jean-Paul Gauthier brand has decided to refocus on its two main fragrances, Le Male and Classique . As such, he has just presented two new variations of his scent in the form of Male and Classique Eau Fraiche André Edition . Yes, but not only… Jean-Paul Gaultier has also produced two limited editions of his juices specially intended for World Duty Free stores. Focus on Le Classique Eau Fraiche Airlines.

Jean-Paul Gaultier takes you on board with two stewards

As always, Jean-Paul Gaultier has decided to present Le Classique Eau Fraiche Airlines to us in its iconic bottle in the shape of a female bust. On the other hand, forget the beige-colored corset of yesteryear. This time, it takes on a blue hue that perfectly matches the color of the sky. Likewise, it no longer comes in a tin can but in a cardboard and transparent packaging, elegantly decorated with two stewards. Gaultier Airlines wishes you a good flight!

The Classic Eau Fraiche Airlines, a floral and luminous freshness

On the scent side, Le Classique Eau Fraiche Airlines is the work of Daphné Bugey and displays a feminine and infinitely fresh scent. It all starts with a luminous combination of lemon sorbet and cane sugar. This delicacy is tickled by the peppery effervescence of ginger. Then, a floral and Mediterranean heart takes over. It is composed of orange blossom, jasmine and tiare flower. Finally, Le Classique Eau Fraiche Airlines ends with a more sensual and seductive base of vanilla, musk and cistus.

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