Clarins’ Eau Dynamisante Foaming Bath and Shower Gel


Clarins' Eau Dynamisante Foaming Bath and Shower Gel
Clarins‘ Eau Dynamisante Foaming Bath and Shower Gel

Tone up your toilet ritual with the Eau Dynamisante Foaming Bath and Shower Gel from Clarins

The Clarins brand is one of the largest beauty brands in the world. It continues to expand its family of products in order to meet each of your needs with ever greater precision. However, some of these references have become real bestsellers. The Eau Dynamisante by Clarins is a great classic in its catalog. This hybrid product is gaining followers all over the planet. Today, Clarins has decided to build on its notoriety and to decline its scent in the form of a Foaming Bath and Shower Gel.

Focus on Clarins Dynamic Water

Clarins’ Eau Dynamisante is a hybrid product. It is a care water, that is to say the combination of a perfume and a treatment. It contains in it the power of treating plants and benefits from all of Clarins’ expertise in aromatherapy and phytotherapy. L’Eau Dynamisante is a true compendium of freshness and vitality. It combines fresh and citrus notes with a more chypre and woody heart. However, it never becomes heady, and its fragrant accords give it an exhilarating flavor that embellishes the mood with a simple breath. This invigorating scent brings energy to life wherever it goes. What is more, it is a non-photosensitizing water. In other words, Energizing Water can be used in the sun, and is therefore very popular on hot summer days.

The Energizing Water Bath and Shower Foaming Gel

Of course, as its name suggests, the Eau Dynamisante Foaming Bath and Shower Gelis a derivative of this bestseller, and contains the same scent. Suitable for all skin types, it has a very pleasant gel formula and cleanses the epidermis extremely gently. Its neutral pH makes it a product perfectly suited for daily use. The Eau Dynamisante Foaming Bath and Shower Gel leaves the skin supple and soft by delicately scenting it. It is a digest of liveliness that instantly provides a feeling of well-being. Just like the Energizing Water, it tones the body and the mind in a single pass. Note that this shower gel also contains several natural ingredients that are very beneficial for the skin. Aloe vera softens and hydrates the skin surface. This plant has been used since ancient times, and is renowned for its soothing properties. Aloe vera promotes in particular water retention at the epidermal level, which helps to stabilize the water reserves in the heart of skin cells. Finally, the Eau Dynamisante Foaming Bath and Shower Gel also contains ginseng. This stimulating product comes to us from Asia, and has been known for millennia for its toning properties. It gives the Eau Dynamisante Foaming Bath and Shower Gel boundless energy!

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